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Thankful Thursday...Life Lessons & Creeds to live by

Four years ago today an new journey in my life began,  a brand new chapter began.  Its definitely been a whirlwind at times, but I have learned so much.

     Starting over can be tough, it can be scary, and oh so daunting.   Sometimes you lie awake with so many questions, and so few answers. I have definitely learned a lot, and right now I am in beautiful place in life and happy.

     One of the lessons I have been learning over the past few years is to make your home your sanctuary.  To really make it your refuge from the storm so to speak.  A few weeks after I moved and started this new chapter of my life, at church we had a Harvest Dinner for all the ladies at church.   I went thinking maybe it would be a way to meet people and make some friends.

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