Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Blessings…Gratitude is what it is all about.

Gratitude into Enough
     I love the Fall!  To me the Fall is a time of reflection, a time to turn inward and think of all that I have been blessed with, and a chance to look for opportunities to bless others.
     This is one of my favorite quotes.  Its actually been a quote that has been my personal motto for the past year.   Whenever I get down about my situation, or wish things were different, I have to remember that with gratitude everything is enough, with gratitude my situation is beautiful.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy November & A Few Updates


     Well I took yet another hiatus as some of you can see.  The great news is that I am back and ready to share so much with you. 

     Those of you that have read my blog over the years know that the Fall is my ABSOLUTE favorite season, and Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so it feels great to be back on my blog in time for the Holidays.

     So as for a few updates, the divorce is finally over. it is official and filed in the court.   While I am sad that things turned out the way that they did, I am happy that chapter is over and so excited for what my future holds.  I am excited to branch out, try new things and truly soar.

     When November rolls around I always try to think of all the blessings that I have and focus on gratitude.   This year is no exception, I have so much to be grateful for, and I have certainly learned so much over the past year that its been nothing but a year full of blessings and miracles.

     Thank you to all of you and your patience with me!  It is appreciated and I am so excited for this new chapter in my life and to be able to share it with you!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Eat Food Photos, “Drip” the joys of water!

Drip sq
     Drip, Drip, Drip!  That word brings to mind one thing and one thing only, and that is water!  Now I know everyone has read a ton about the benefits of water, so I don’t want to parrot the words of others, but I do want to say that the importance of water can not be stressed enough!

     I have really been trying to eat healthier and to take better care of myself, and part of that journey is upping my water intake.  To get my 8-10 or more glasses of water a day sometimes I need to add some flavors to the mix to make it more enjoyable.  Because of this I have started doing infused waters.  I love infused waters!

Monday, August 4, 2014

A moment to recognize the heroes amongst us…

Live Greatly

     The past two weeks I have been thinking about the heroic people who walk amongst us.  During the past two weeks four amazing people I know have returned back to their Heavenly Father after fighting long term battles with cancer and terminal illnesses. 

     These four warriors have been heroes of mine on so many occasions. They have taught me about moving forward with grace and courage in spite of crippling fears and illnesses.  They have taught me about living with grace and optimism, to enjoy the journey of life.  They always taught me about living with joy and enthusiasm, also they taught me about living my life in a manner that my life counted and was a life that benefited others.

     As a legacy to these four heroes of mine I want to live my life with joy and grace and courage in the face of adversity and disappointments.  I also want to serve and strengthen others and help to lift them.  I am so grateful for these wonderful examples, they are true blessing to me, and have helped me to be a better person.

     I wish I had let them know more often the impact that they had in my life, and how heroic I found them.  I encourage you dear reader to let those heroes who walk amongst us to know of their greatness and the impact that they are for good.  I hope that when all is said and done people can say I was someone who tried my hardest to be continually good.

Foodie Photo a Day in August… my lunch!


     Do you ever have those days that are just non stop action and on the go?  Today was one of those days so my lunch that I am supposed to be sharing was certainly not fancy, but it satisfied.  It’s a little unclear what it is in the picture, but today for lunch I had vanilla flavored Greek yogurt.  I finally jumped on the Greek yogurt kick, and I love it!  I had coupons as well so I got these babies for a really great deal.    

     I have been eating the vanilla yogurt simply because I love that flavor, and because I have tons of produce right now, and it blends so well with my produce.  Its delicious, relatively low in sugar, high in protein and definitely satisfies.

     I am always looking for good lunch ideas, what have you been using for your go to lunches?

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Shh! Don’t tell my Sunday Secret! Photo a Day in August!

Secret Sunday Nap

     I will admit that I have a few guilty indulgences, and one indulgence that I have been starting to have every week is my secret Sunday nap.  Today’s photo prompt was secret Sunday, it was a no brainer what was my secret Sunday disclosure, my naps.

    As I have mentioned, I do go to church every Sunday.  After church however, I love to come home, turn off my cell phone and sprawl on the couch with my trusty dog and have a nap.  Believe me, Sunday naps are completely underrated, I love them.  Sundays have always been a chance for me to recharge mentally and spiritually.  Now I am trying to recharge physically on Sundays too. 

     What sorts of Sunday secrets do you have?  Any traditions that I am missing out on?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Photo a Day in August…Flat Ginger Ale & the joys of stomach bugs!

Ginger B&W

     The past few days I have had a bit of a stomach bug, nothing major of course, just a bit of a nuisance to say the least.  Today’s photo prompt is “flat”.  Everyone seems to think that flat ginger ale or soda is the magic cure all for a stomach bug.  It may work for some, but for me that has never worked.  It would be oh so nice if it did, but sadly that hasn’t been the case.

     What does work for me is my own special ginger drink,  In a sauce pan I boil 2 cups water, a thumb size piece of ginger that has been minced, 2 tbsp honey and the juice of one lemon.  Boil it until the honey is completely dissolved.  Remove from heat and let cool completely for 10 minutes.  Now you have a completely “flat” ginger drink that solves any stomach problems that I have.

    I am always curious about home remedies that others may have.  What do you do when you are sick, what works for you?

Friday, August 1, 2014

Lets Try Foodie Photo a Day Again!

August Foodie Photo a Day

     August is here!  And that means that is almost my Birthday!  I know that all of you are as excited as I am!  I like to celebrate my birthday all month, so I have a few plans for the blog for my birthday!

     I am going to to the Foodie photo a day for the month, because I want to share more of my life and world with you, also I want to try the Anne of Green Gables Cookbook cook along again, since last year was a bit of a disaster when I tried, sadly it just never happened last year.

     Since it is my birthday month with the photos I share, I want to share a part of me with you with the photos Open ScripturesI share I want you to see the things that I hold near and dear to me.  Today’s prompt was “Black and White”.  This was something that was super easy for me to know what I wanted to share.  As I have mentioned, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Every day I read my scriptures, pouring over the black and white pages, gaining direction and purpose for my life, and a strength to continue forward when things are rough.  It is a blessing in my life to have the scriptures and to be able to read them every day.  These are books that have changed my life and have allowed me to get to know my Savior, and the Plan that My Heavenly Father has for me, and how I can return to Him and live with my family forever, which is the greatest of all blessings.

     When I think of black and white I always think of the way I was raised.  My parents taught me absolutes, in other words to not sacrifice my standards or make rationalizations for poor choices.  Now I am far from perfect, and I have made loads of mistakes.  However, it is a blessing to have the scriptures and the lessons of my parents as a compass in my life.  I try my best every day to live up to the lessons that I have learned, as I have said so many times before, I am definitely a work in progress.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Masterchef Season 5 Episode 6…Everyone loves a class act!

Masterchef Season 5 Episode 6
     It seems like June was one of the busiest and craziest months ever!  While I may have missed a few episode recaps I can assure you I have been watching Masterchef, and loving every episode.  My only complaint about this season is with the hour long format I feel like we don’t get some of the same background stories on the contestants that we used to, and that I definitely miss.
     Chloe and I curled up on the couch and put our feet (and paws) up, and settled down to enjoy our Masterchef!  The Top 16 Enter the Masterchef Kitchen, and prepare for their Mystery box challenge, lots of unmarked tin cans. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Loving My Masterchef! Season 5, Episode 2 The Beginning of the Feuds!

MASTERCHEF: L-R: Contestant Willie and Chef Ramsay on MASTERCHEF airing Monday, June 2 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Greg Gayne / FOX. Copyright 2014 / FOX.
     I love my Masterchef, seriously one of the highlights of my week!  I have to admit, last week I was disappointed by the lack of information that was given on the contestants.  I didn’t feel like I got to know that many of them.  Hopefully this this week is much better in that regards.  I haven’t even had a chance to decide who might be any of my favorites.  So my trusty dog Chloe and I are perfectly positioned to enjoy the show!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Its Back! Masterchef Season 5 Opening Night Recap…

Masterchef Season 5 is coming!!!

     I am loving the fact that Masterchef is back on!  I have my Dr Pepper and my feet up and I am ready to enjoy the season!  My trusty dog Chloe is ready for the season to begin as well!

     I have to say that I am not thrilled about the face that I don’t get to see the audition process this season.  That was always one of my favorite parts…sigh.  Maybe it will come back next season.  Oh well. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Blessings and Seasonal Photo a Day in May…

Ecclesiastes Quote
     Sundays are so cathartic.  It really is the recharge I need every week, its my chance to focus on what I have done and where I am headed in life. 

    Today’s photo prompt is the word seasonal, two very different things always come to mind when I think of that word.  I think of one of my favorite scriptures in Ecclesiastes, and I think of seasonal farmers markets.  Today as I sat in church I was reminded of some very distinct memories that marry both of those ideas.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Photo a Day in May, Rustic Saturday…


     Man I love Saturdays!  This Saturday could not be prettier, the weather is perfect and the sun is shining brightly.  Last weekend I actually worked both Saturday and Sunday so I am excited about this weekend!  Earlier this week I saw an advertisement for the Farm Fest.  It may be the country girl part of me, but I have always loved farms, and I have a special affinity for rusted old tractors.  They always have such character to them, they show the wear and tear of their service.  Today as I walked though the farm exploring I saw so many old vintage tractors, and honestly all of them looked like they had a story to tell.  This photo is of one of the favorite tractors I saw today, the rust covered this tractor, and paint peeling off, yet it almost looked like that was the only way this tractor should be, showing its battle scars of a life of hard work.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Photo a Day in May…All things Shiny!

shiny pink glitter heels

     People are like stained  glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.

     Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

     I love all things sparkly and shiny and full of glitter.  There can never be enough glitter in life!  I love to see things sparkle and shine.  Sometimes however I feel that I myself lose my sparkle and shine.  Sometimes you just feel beaten down by certain things that happen.  Sometimes I just need to put on some sparkle and grin and bear it!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Photo a Day in May! Seared Ahi Tuna and some very RAW emotions…

Seared Ahi
     Its interesting that today’s prompt for my photo a day was RAW, cause that is so often exactly how I feel.  Lately my emotions have been feeling so raw and so stinging at times.  The divorce is still progressing and still drama.  I am definitely ready for that chapter to be over and closed with. 

     Last week was hard for me, and some of that is where my raw emotions come from.  Call me a horrible human being if you will, but I hate Mothers Day.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Photo A Day in May…Shadows


     Day 6, Photo a Day in May…Shadows.  We are almost half way through 2013, I can not believe that the year if going by so quickly!  It seems like I live by deadlines and timers, so sometimes I have to stop and remind myself to decompress and smell the roses so to speak.

     The past several years have taught me that sometimes things just don’t always go my way.  Earth shattering news right?  I mean who would have guessed I wasn’t the center of the universe?  So or course I already knew that things don’t always go my way, but the past while has taught me so much about not letting my past determine my future.

     I believe that the world is good, and that the future is bright for me.  I want to move forward cheerfully and hopefully and believing the best.  Life is about learning from what has happened and moving forward in faith, even if I don’t have a clue what is going to happen!  Sometimes a little mystery is part of the fun of the journey!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Photo A Day in May! Look UP!

Longwood Garden Arch

     Isn’t that just breathtaking?  I love architecture, I find it so inspiring.  Today’s photo prompt was the word overhead, the first thing that came to mind was arches, maybe it is the hopeless romantic in me, but I love arches with ivy and flowers, something about that just feeds the soul.

     Now this photo is not a current one, actually I took it years ago on a trip to Philadelphia.  I had the opportunity to do so many things on that trip, which I loved.  One of the highlights of that trip however was going to Longwood Gardens.  I could have spent all week in those gardens, it was so inspiring to see the beauty of nature all around me.  If you ever do have the chance to go to Philadelphia, be sure to check this out!  You definitely do not want to miss it!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Kinds…All Kinds of Berries, Raspberry Tarts…

rustic raspberry tart
     I have to admit I am really enjoying this Photo a Day May!  Today the photo prompt was kinds.  The first thing that popped in my mind was berries, all kinds of berries.  I love berries and we are just about to enter the berry season!  So exciting!  I love berries of any kind, but my favorite berry will always be raspberries, and not just any raspberries, Bear Lake Raspberries.  I could honestly eat whole container without even batting an eyelash, I love those juicy morsels, absolutely delicious. 

Family Memories, A Work In Progress & Pink Eggs!

     May 3, 2014!  How does this happen that time gets away from us so?  I know that the past couple months I have been beyond pathetic at blogging.  Sometimes I just let things get the best of me.  Sometimes I just have to stop and decompress and regroup.  The past couple months have definitely been that way.  Divorce stinks, while it is the best for both of us, it still is the death of a dream of what could have been.
     Right now is a time that I am rebuilding and re-discovering.  As selfish as it may sound, now is a time that I am using to re-discover myself.  Now is a time that I am focusing on the simple things and being the best version of me that I can be.  I am constantly going to be a work in process, but you know what that is great!  I love that I am continually (hopefully) progressing and growing.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Home Sweet Home….How I love my Home!!!

        Homes are always something that I consider to be sacred.  A home is where a family grows and flourishes, where memories are made, lessons learned, and sometime tears shed.  A home is our sanctuary, the place where we should feel free, secure, loved and nurtured.  It is the place where I get to be me!  100% authentic, no pretenses, just me in all of my imperfect glory.  I love that at home I can just be me.  It is amazing to know that every day I get to go home to such a place, it makes the day so much better!   That being said I work very hard to keep my home clean and organized and above all, COMPLETELY peaceful.  A home really is a tremendous blessing that I have become more and more grateful for as I have gotten older.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Photo a day in May!!!

2014 May #eatfoodphotos - the food photo-a-day
     Hey!  Look at me!  I am blogging again!  I know I have been so bad at blogging lately.  It seems like life was overwhelming me.  So needless to say its time for me to be back in the swing of things & back to blogging which I truly love.  Thank you for your patience with me as I get my feed back on the ground again.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy “Pi” Day!!!

     So I had plans of having a beautiful pie to celebrate “Pi” Day & sharing a recipe and photo with you, and then today happened.  Last night I made a beautiful pie in the hopes of kicking off the weekend with a pie and a nice book.  Sadly, my little dog had the same idea, she too apparently had a craving for pie.

     While she is pretty cute with pie crumbs covering her mouth, I have to admit I was frustrated!   After all it was MY pie!  Is anything sacred any more?  I mean really?  It just shows that sometimes you have to roll with the punches.  So Pi Day was a flop this year, I guess I will have to find another holiday to celebrate.  After all Monday is St. Patrick’s Day! Wear your green!  Any pet disasters in your kitchen?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Keep Going, Keep Believing and ENJOY the Journey…

     What a whirlwind the past couple months have been.  Starting over and rebuilding is hard work, its an adjustment, but I have to say most importantly I am happy.  I may be working like crazy to pay the bills and stress over finances, but I am happy, and I am living and looking forward to the future.
     Something that has always been important to me is having my home a sanctuary a place where you feel safe, and a refuge from the word.  I love being able to organize my new place and have my own corner of the universe.  Each day I look for new ways to make my home even more “mine”  Sometimes you find the little things that make you smile and make each day that much sweeter.  I am learning to appreciate the simple things more and more every day. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Adventures of one VERY broke Single Girl…

spare change
     You know what they never tell you in school?  What to do when plan A doesn’t work and you have to rebuild your life.  Yeah I am looking at you high school economics teacher…we never covered that.
     They never tell you that spare change can become a hot commodity and that your mathematic skills will be taxed to the highest level as you try to make all of your ends meet.  As all of you now know I am in the rebuilding process.  Trying to establish a new life and take care of everything as the divorce continues on.  It is an adventure let me tell you.
     Everyone loves a broke single girl right?  Right???  Well now at 33 I find myself trying to figure out just how all of this is going to work out.  Don’t get me wrong, I am very blessed and I am very happy, but I am learning more and more about stretching a dollar. After paying all of my bills (which I swear there are too many of) there is only a very small amount left.  As much as I would love to spend it and get myself something nice, right now is a time of saving not spending.  I have to build my nest egg, so I do have something for whenever that “Rainy Day” comes that everyone talks about.
     Starting over is not cheap, setting up an new home/apartment/townhome etc., not cheap, divorce DEFINITELY NOT cheap.  However I have to say it is very rewarding as I provide for myself and get my own home in order.  After all your home should always be your haven, and your sanctuary.  It is actually really fun creating my sanctuary, my creativity is being tested as I try to do it all on the cheap…the dirt poor cheap.
     I read a lot of blogs, and do a lot of research on my projects, some of the articles make me laugh.  One tells me how I can organize my pantry for under $500.00….yeah since that is totally in my budget.   Or the blog I read claiming to be for starving college students that showed how to make $200.00 last for your clothing allowance every month.  I don’t remember having that type of budget when I was in college….hmmm…  In everything I do I try to keep it real, so I want to add more of my real life into my posts, you will see exactly what I do to make ends meet and how I still find ways to have a fabulous life while be incredibly frugal.
     I try to write articles that are useful, and I do try to share some of my life adventures with you, and pledge to do better in that regard.  So for 2014 I want to be more self sufficient and able to do so much more.  I have skills that I want to learn and develop and I want to share all of that with you.  2014 will have a different focus than I have stressed before, it will be all about the simple life and making the most of what resources you do have.
     So come along and read my adventures as I try to figure this all out and rebuild.   Its going to be a crazy adventure!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Finding A Happy Heart in 2014…

     Happy 2014!!!  I hope that all of you had a happy and safe New Years!  It seems that today everyone is reflecting on 2013 and making wishes for the upcoming year. 
     2013 was a year with many ups and downs, highs and lows, and so many learning opportunities.  I have so many goals for 2014, more that you will be hearing about in future posts.  I have so many goals for myself and for this blog this year.  One of my focuses for 2014 is having a happy heart.  I have thought so much about what true happiness is and where happiness comes from.
     2013 was an interesting year with so many life changes, but some of my happiest moments of 2013 were the moments I got to spend with my Grandma in a nursing home.  Earlier in 2013 my Grandma needed to move into a nursing home, I have had the blessing of being able to go and see her pretty much every day.    We have been able to share so many laughs and memories together.  It has been such a blessing to hear her stories and spend time together and create new memories together.   Family time is so precious and I hope that 2014 gives all of us lots of opportunities to be with the ones we love.
     Hopefully 2014 is a year to look beyond myself and to find ways to serve and strengthen others, and to make a difference.  I am always the happiest when I am giving and making things better for those I love, I hope that is something I can do better at in the year to come.  What are your focuses for the upcoming year?  Where do you want to grow and develop?  2014 is going to be an amazing year, I can feel it!