Friday, September 13, 2013

And the Results are in! Luca Wins as America’s Next Masterchef!!!

Luca Wins!
    What a season it has been for Masterchef!  I have to say I loved this season, and found the season very inspiring.  As all of you already know by now Luca won.  I was hoping that he would win for so many reasons, but especially because of the story of his journey to Masterchef.
     On Season 3 he was the last person eliminated before the contestants enter the Masterchef kitchen.  He was admonished to keep cooking and to try again for Season 4.  He could have so easily said that he had already given it his best effort and moved on.  However, he showed humility and persistence, and took the judges advice.  He worked very hard that year, fine tuned his craft, and he came back and he WON!!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thoughts on Fall and The Anne of Green Gables Cookalong, (It’s coming I SWEAR!)…

PEI in the Fall Revised
     Autumn leaves, sweater weather, college football, hot chocolate, the fall really is the best season ever!  I have always been a bit of a romantic when I think of Autumn.  It seems like the perfect season, it’s a shame that it has to turn into something as bleak as winter (which for the record, is my LEAST favorite season.) 
     Autumn is always full of lots of baking, pumpkin and apples abound.  Every Saturday I make treats for the big game (Go Texas A&M!).  I love the fall, it always seems like such a peaceful time of year.  So nice and relaxing, like a nice quilt that you can just snuggle up in.  Especially since to me Summer is the least relaxing season ever.  It always seems to be such a whirlwind for me.  I am glad for some relaxing fall days where I can enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Like Father Like Son! Masterchef Week 14 Recap…

Masterchef Fathers and Sons     I know that lately I have been pathetic and get this recaps up in a timely manner.  It's been a whirlwind so I am trying to get on top of things and do better!  It was a great week for Masterchef however!
     On tonight’s show the judges get some very special help from their sons, who stop by the Masterchef kitchen to judge the next mystery box challenge. Those boys are spitting images of their fathers. Later, in a field challenge, the remaining five home cooks visit a ranch where they will each prepare one Southern-inspired dish as part of a special summer luncheon for local charity volunteers. After the first part of the competition, two home cooks will advance to the finals and the Top Four, while the bottom three contestants will face a pressure test that will end the competition for one home cook.