Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's Springtime! Happy Spinach Day!

     I can hardly believe that it is actually Spring!  The weather here seems to vacillate between wanting to be winter and snowing (boo!) and spring (yay!).  As all of you I am sure can guess, I am utterly and completely ready for spring and warm weather.  This week the daffodils finally bloomed and I can't even tell you how happy it made me to see something so nice and yellow and cheery.  I actually picked the very first perfect bloom, and took it to my Grandma, we'll call her Grandma Love from Scratch, anyway, she has actually moved into a nursing home a little over a month ago, so I have been trying very hard to visit her, and am able to make it most every day.  I always think it is nice to be able to share something, even if it seems small, that might brighten another's day.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Back to Business!

     What a month February was, sadly I spent most of it sick in bed, every time I thought I was getting better from the bug, I just ended up getting worse and worse.  Once Mr. Love from Scratch and I FINALLY got better we went on a quick vacation to the sunshine so we could warm up and have some fun!  We did have a lot of fun, but we are now back in cold Utah!  I have high hopes for the warm weather to come soon, and for the flowers to start blooming again.  I had taken this picture last year in one of the Canyons, they really are beautiful once the sunshine and warm weather comes.  They are pretty in the winter too, but I really just don't like cold weather. 

     While I was sick in bed I did a lot of reading, so you can expect several book reviews to be coming up, and did a lot of planning, goal making etc.  While I failed completely at sharing February's monthly theme of chocolate due to all of the bugs and calamities of the month, I do have a theme for March, and I am convinced I will do much better this month!  The theme for the month of March is Spring Fling food, I am hoping that the focus on spring time food and recipes will cause the snow and cold weather to finally go away.  There is something about sunshine and fresh flowers that always brightens any day.