Friday, February 8, 2013

Happy Chocolate Month!

     One of my resolutions for this blog was for every month to have a new "focus" and to feature at least 4 recipes dealing with the monthly focus.  Obviously I am late for the month of February (thanks to the flu), but without further adieu, this months focus is CHOCOLATE!  I know it is the most fitting for the month especially given that Valentine's Day is coming up.  Chocolate seems to be that one treat that everyone succumbs to, after all who doesn't love a piece of good chocolate?  When I was a child for the holidays we would always splurge and get a 2 pound box of chocolates from a local candy store.  It was always so much fun.   We would all line up along the counter and help pick out each individual piece that made it into our prized box of chocolates.  Every day after dinner during the holidays if we were good we got to choose one piece for dessert.  Every time I see a box of chocolates I remember those days.

Joining the Land of the Productive Again and How to Fight Flu 2013

     I know the past two weeks I have been beyond pathetic at blogging, Flu 2013  hit The Love from Scratch household hard, and when I say the Love From Scratch household what I really mean is me, Mr. Love From Scratch has not gotten the dreaded flu of 2013.  For those of you who have already gotten the flu this year you know just how much in knocks the wind out of you.  For those of you who have not gotten the flu this season, I hope you are able to avoid the flu this season.  My doctor gave me lots of tips on how to prevent the flu this year (or in my case prevent yourself from catching it again.) It's funny how sometimes you get these tips right AFTER you get sick, instead of before, when it is most needed. Hopefully these pointers prove to be helpful for you and that we make it through the flu season healthy and in one piece.