Friday, February 3, 2012

What I Have Been Reading Wednesday....Yes I do know its Friday!

     Can you believe its Friday, and that it is already February? Where is the time going? In my new home I have been going to the local library frequently. I freely admit that I am a library addict, always have been, and always will be. while I was perusing the shelves I found thins book, and I love it! I am actually going to have to buy a copy of it for myself. It is Finding Betty Crocker, I love how well researched this book is, and so informative, but interesting and engaging at the same time.

As most of us know Betty Crocker was/is a fictional character, really more of a stroke of a marketing genius, however Betty Crocker rose to be a very influential woman in America. Actually one year she was only behind Eleanor Roosevelt as America's most influential woman. Betty Crocker had the radio shows, the town cooking schools, and then came the products galore. Betty Crocker is sometimes said as "American as Apple Pie", but really she did help to shape the food of America, even if she never really exisited in Human form.

While some may say that Betty Crocker is antiquated and, no longer relevant, I disagree. She really did believe in empowering women in whatever pursuits they chose. Yes she did believe homemaking and child rearing was a lofty and ideal pursuit, but she also believe that women should have the tools and resources to accomplish their goals. She shared
tips, and tricks, recipes and antecdotes. she empowered women to work, live and pursue their goals.

Read this book, you will learn the history of Betty Crocker, and the impact of her influence, after you read this book, you will never look at the Betty Crocker Cookbooks the same way ever again.