Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dutch Baby Goodness!

     I know that this might not be the most photogenic recipe ever, but so amazing and so easy to make.  I have so many memories of this recipe, the first time I ever had it was when I was in elementary school, and my older brother was in junior high, he had learned this recipe in his home economics class that was required for all students.  Gone are the days of home economics in school, but we loved this recipe.

     I am not sure what his original recipe was that he used, but this is what I have come up with and use in my own kitchen.  This is perfect for a nice Saturday morning breakfast, and you can always garnish is however you wish.   Amazing! Also this is a nice recipe for kids to make on their own if they want to make a nice breakfast for Mother's or Father's Day, or any such occasion, or just make it for yourself and indulge!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy Apple Turnover Day!

     So I know that sometimes I am known for being aware of obscure food holidays, but I still have to wish you and yours a very happy "National Apple Turnover Day."  I personally am a huge fan of turnovers, and I love anything with apples, so its a win win for me.

     These particular turnovers I think are best warm from the oven, and I think they are great for this time of year, they always say as "American as apple pie", I think turnovers should be included, and since we all seem to be on the go, its perfect, just grab the turnover and go.

     Or there is always the ever favorite way of having a warm turnover and a scoop of ice cream, try this recipe, it is a cinch to make.  This is a also a recipe that freezes very well, so you can definitely make this ahead and be ready for holidays or company etc.

Tea Party Elegance

     I think we all grew up reading Alice in Wonderland, it is a great book, and definitely a classic for every young child.  For most of us as soon as we say the phrase "tea party", visions of Alice and the Mad Hatter and Doormouse drift through our memories. 

     For me however visions of lace and pearls and gloves, and beautiful hats come to mind.  Very much a la Anne of Green Gables, sadly the elegance of afternoon teas really is a thing of the past for most people.  Frequently I am asked to cater  or plan events.  Two particular events that I am asked about all the time are bridal showers and baby showers.  I personally am a big fan of tea parties for both such occasions, but then again, I like tea parties for any occasion.  So put on a pretty dress and enjoy some of my favorite tea party recipes!