Tuesday, November 30, 2010


     I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  This Thanksgiving taught me more than ever how important families are, and how blessed that I am to have the amazing family that I do.  My family has helped to shape me into who I am today.  I can't imagine every having a different family.

     You know when I was younger, my brothers, oh how they tormented me.  I would get so vexed with them for teasing me.  I am afraid that I got mad at them way too often, I should have been less uptight, and had a thicker skin.  I watch my nieces and nephews play and I see the cycle repeat itself, brothers and sisters will always tease each other.  They may have always teased me, but my brothers always had my back, and there isn't anyone I trust in the world more than my brothers, (and Mom & Dad).  Thanks guys for teaching me what its really all about, and teaching me not to take myself so seriously.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What I have been reading Wednesday.......

     Everyone who knows me know that I like to read, I mean I LOVE to read.  Reading always opened my world to new possibilities.  I love to read usually anything that I can get my hands on.  I love to read anything and everything.  My newest cookbook that I just got it this week,  is the Masterchef 2010 Cookbook.  Seriously, you want to get this cookbook.  It is very well done,  the recipes incredible, and the photos are amazing!  I am looking forward to cooking all of the recipes in it, the main reason I bought it was to have it as a constant motivation of what I am trying to achieve, someday I do want to be on a similar platform and show just what I am capable of in the kitchen,  Course if you are a diehard Masterchef fan like me, you definitely need this cookbook!

A New Beginning.....full of promise, and full of dreams.

     Can you believe it, tomorrow is Thanksgiving?  Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday.  Part of it has always been that I have great memories associated with Thanksgiving.  Growing up with all boys, I was always Mom's trusty assistant in the kitchen, while the boys were either watching football, or playing in the annual football game.  My mother's Thanksgiving is a tradition, my mom has always been a traditionalist, we have the same meal that her mom used to make when she was a young girl.  Each of us children has always had a favorite part of the meal.  For some it was the dressing, others the turkey, others the side dishes, or others the desserts.  Well all of us have grown up and all of us have been out of the house for a while now, but Mom still influences us every Thanksgiving, well more like every day, but the holidays especially.