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Texas Girl Adventures, More Kitchen fun coming in Texas!

       I have never really known how true this saying is, but I can say that this week, Texas and this girl  were reunited.  I have missed Texas for years, and I knew that my Texas chapter was  not ended, merely just on hold.       2020 was quite the year for everyone, but for me I found  myself reflecting on my future, and what  my goals were.  What I wanted for myself, where I was supposed to be, and what I was supposed  to be doing.        Here we are in 2021 and  I did a very big thing.  I moved  back to Texas.   I may have picked  the worst week ever to move back to Texas with the crazy storms that we have had, but I moved back home to Texas.  Sometimes we do things for unknown  reasons, sometimes there are promptings we really can not explain that bring us to a course of action.  This is very much the case, I definitely felt so many promptings to get everything in  order to make this move back to Texas.      So here I am, back in Texas.   I am renting a cute little place for the

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