What I have been reading Wednesday...The Magnolia Table

     Another Wednesday, another cookbook.   I had high hopes for this cookbook, so I am pleased it didn't disappoint.  Like so much of America, I watch HGTV and have become a fan of the Gaines Family.  I love Joanna's practicality on the show.   The show also makes me homesick for Texas, next time I go home I want to do a day trip to Waco to go to the Magnolia Market.  I love Joanna's sense of style and have followed her on Instagram and followed her blog for some time.

     So when I got this cookbook I was hoping for good practical recipes that taste delicious, and that is exactly what I ended up getting.  Joanna's recipes are practical, she uses recipes that you actually have in your kitchen, and can be created in a time frame that you actually have.   Her recipes are easy to follow and so far everything that I try has been a huge success.   The photography in this cookbook is beautiful too.  I have always admired Joanna's interior design aesthetic, and that same ease and elegance is evidence in her cookbook.  Its food you want to eat, and recipes that you can afford to make.  So many of her recipes have become staples in my recipe arsenal.

     In particular I have really enjoyed her baking recipes, her lemon lavender icebox cookies are amazing (see page 313), so amazing that when I made a batch for Mothers Day I ended up having to make a second batch to replace some of the first batch that I ate.  I tried to control myself, I really did, but I failed,  yet I regret nothing.  They are amazing. so light and buttery and delicious, perfect with hot chocolate and a good book, or just eating in your sweats looking like a hot mess, you choose.

     One recipe that I have never particularly enjoyed in any cookbook is banana bread, I love bananas, but the bread always seemed to fall short for me.  I decided to try Joanna's banana bread recipe, and had almost zero expectations for that recipe.  Super surprised that when I made it, I loved it, meaning I ate the entire loaf.  So delicious!  Its a great recipe to make for your neighbors too!  Try out this recipe and let me know what you think.  It made even me a banana bread fan.

     Cook though this cookbook, read her blog, I am sure that you too will enjoy her recipes and be able to put them to good use in your own homes.  She encourages the readers to make the recipes "uniquely yours", definitely use these recipes and put your own spin on it, and have fun in the kitchen.  Let me know what you have been reading in your kitchen!


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