I Pledge of Allegiance...Happy July 4th

     Happy 4th of July!  I have always loved the 4th, but its always been an emotional holiday for me as well.  I will forever be indebted to the brave founding fathers who sacrificed so much to fight for our country's freedom to bring about the republic in which we live.   I will also forever be indebted to those in our armed services who gave their all to protect our rights and our great country.  Its heartbreaking at times, today was one of those days.  I had the opportunity to go to a sunrise service for the 4th and the crowd was lead in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Sadly, as I looked around there were many (the majority unfortunately), that did not know the Pledge of Allegiance.

     I try not to make this blog ever political or contentious, because that isn't its purpose, but regardless of your political affiliation, we are all Americans, so we should unite in this pledge.  I'll be honest I have never fought for my freedom, I have been blessed probably undeservedly. However some of the dearest people in my life have both fought and died in protection of our great country.  Today as with every Veterans Day, Memorial Day and 4th of July, I wore my yellow ribbon.   I wore it honor of my loved ones who are currently serving, and in honor of my loved ones who did give their all and never came home.
     I have been blessed, I have been able to go all over the world. Its an amazing world out there, I have been to amazing countries and have seen amazing sites, but I also know here in America I do have freedoms that wouldn't be afforded me anywhere else.  My yellow ribbon that I wear, its 17 years old.  There is a definite story behind that.   I went to Texas A&M University (go AGGIES!!!), it was the best school for me, and I learned so much there.  My last year at Texas A&M was the year of 9/11.  Like everyone I remember where I was when I saw the planes go into the towers and watched the tower collapse in horror.  I remember looking side to side wondering how the world was going to change, how it would affect my loved ones in the military.

     I saw those that I cared about be deployed and go overseas, I watched them leave praying they would somehow stay safe.  I hugged them goodbye and cried as they left, all while wearing my yellow ribbon.  Some came back, some did not.  I can never ever repay them for their heroism and selflessness.  Today as I watched so many so unfamiliar with the Pledge of Allegiance, I thought about what do I pledge in my own life, what do I stand for?  I am both grateful and proud to be an American, its such a blessing in my life.  I do pledge allegiance to the flag, to the country, but I also pledge to always remember.  To remember where my freedoms came from, for all of those who gave so much for me.  I pledge to always honor their sacrifice, and to respect it.   I hope that all of you have a very happy 4th, and that you too remember the blessings that we have.


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