Sunday Blessings, Always a Work in Progress

     What is the happy life?  Is it found in fame and riches, or is it found in others?  Where does one find their "happily ever after"?  Lets be honest many of us are chasing our happily every after, and their is absolutely nothing wrong with that.   I personally try to always work hard to have the life I want for myself, goals and ambitions are good.  Sometimes though I have to remember though to stop and enjoy the journey, boy does that sound cliche.   True, but definitely cliche.

     Anyone who knows me knows that my life certainly took unexpected detours, surprises that I never saw coming.   I turn 38 this summer, to be honest I am not even close to what I had envisioned for myself at this point in my life.  The white picket fence and 5 perfectly dressed kids, and perfectly decorated home are no where to be found, and that okay.   
     Clearly I am not an expert on life, I am just muddling though it as everyone else, but I have learned a lot from my stumbles and falls along the way.  My life may be far from perfect, but I do love my life, it is beautifully imperfect.  Today in church we talked about faith and hope, sometimes people try to day which came first, faith or hope.  Honestly to me it doesn't matter.  I need both in my life.   Faith and hope keep me going.

     I think the happy life is the one that you make, through trials and errors and lots of lessons along the way.  I am so grateful for the lessons that I have had along the way, I know I have still so much to learn.   I will always be a work in progress, but the important part is I am progressing.


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