Simple Things Saturday...Can we say Garlic Scapes?

     It is finally Summer, and the Farmers Market is in full swing.  One of my favorite parts of summer is the Farmers Market, it is truly a feast for the senses.  You have the smells of the fresh produce, the herbs, or the vendors selling baked goods.  There is an explosion of color everywhere as you go as you see the beautiful produce from each of the vendors.

     I love Farmers Markets, to me I find them as a source of inspiration as to what I will cook for the upcoming week.   I am trying to eat healthy and balanced, and I also try to eat seasonally as much as possible so Farmers Markets are a treasure trove for me. 
     Luckily for me here in Salt Lake we do have a very enjoyable Farmers Market that provides me with lots of inspiration in my cooking and menu planning, new recipes are definitely coming with this weeks finds from the farmers market, the possibilities are endless.

     Each week it varies what I get and what my new "gem" of the week is.  This week my featured item so to speak is garlic scapes.

     Look at how lovely these are!  So garlic scapes are the stems of hardneck garlic, primarily in season during the late spring and early summer.  These are so amazing and full of flavor.  Honestly I don't see them very often in the grocery stores, sometimes in the more specialty stores where they end up being a bit pricey, so Farmers Markets are the place to get them.

     So the real question is what do you do with them?  Sure they are pretty and all, but do they taste good, are they hard to prepare?  Why would I want them?  What do I do with them?  Really there are so many things that you will want to do with them, unless of course you don't like garlic, and really who doesn't like garlic?  There are so many different things to do with these, but by far my two favorite preparations are so simple and so easy with these beauties.   I love to turn the scapes into a pesto with some basil, olive oil and Parmesan and salt and pepper, simple, but oh so good.   The most common way I use them is lightly grilled with mushrooms as a side to a really great fish or chicken dish.  Just lightly grill them with a little olive oil, salt and pepper and lemon juice and you are in for a treat!  Sometimes I finely chop them into my scrambled eggs or into my salads for another dimension of flavor.  The point is have fun with it, experiment and let me know what you have done with them.  I would love to hear your discoveries!


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