Sunday Blessings-Life is a Recipe!

    I love this quote ever since I first read it, such truth in this statement, life is unpredictable.  Life in many ways is like a recipe, it has ingredients but depending on how you combine and treat the ingredients the outcomes can be completely different.

     I guess that  is what I have begun to start to learn., is that regardless of the outcome of the ingredients, we all create our own recipe in life.   It can be sweet and smooth, or spicy, or balanced or unbalanced.

     I try to balance life as much as possible.  Sometimes it seems like a constant uphill battle. Life's recipe is what we create.  Whether we choose to create a spicy fusion of flavors, or a bland forgettable dish, the power is really in the hands of the chef.  I have mentioned before that there have been some definite surprises or detours in my life.  I never would have expected some of the ingredients life would hand me.   Its almost like the TV show Chopped, where they have the mystery basket ingredients, some ingredients are common place, some are sweet, some practical and some simply vile, but a masterpiece can be created with any of the ingredients.

     Gratitude is something that I am constantly working on, and to be appreciative of both the good and the bad, or the unexpected.  Every Sunday I try to take time to really reflect on my current life ingredients and plan on what masterpiece I am going to try to create.   I think we are all the Chef's Special if we choose to become it.


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