Thankful Thursday...Life Lessons & Creeds to live by

     Over five years ago an new journey in my life began,  a brand new chapter began.  Its definitely been a whirlwind at times, but I have learned so much.

     Starting over can be tough, it can be scary, and oh so daunting.   Sometimes you lie awake with so many questions, and so few answers. I have definitely learned a lot, and right now I am in beautiful place in life and happy.

     One of the lessons I have been learning over the past few years is to make your home your sanctuary.  To really make it your refuge from the storm so to speak.  A few weeks after I moved and started this new chapter of my life, at church we had a Harvest Dinner for all the ladies at church.   I went thinking maybe it would be a way to meet people and make some friends.

     At the dinner there was a sweet woman who shared a quote with all of us.  The quote is "Gratitude turns what we have into enough".  That night I decided to make that as one of the mantras or creeds for my daily life.  I think we all go through periods where one quote or saying really defines that time in your life.  Gratitude is something that I have always felt was so important, but sometimes I was lacking in expressing gratitude.  I have been so blessed with a beautifully imperfect life, but I think a lot of us have our own beautifully imperfect lives.   Focusing on gratitude has really changed the past few years for me.I would love to hear what your creeds or mantras for life are, what defines this period in your life?


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