Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Blessings…Family is what life is all about.

Grandma & I

    Isn’t she just the cutest little old lady ever?  This is my cute grandma.  Sadly since my last post she has passed away.  It is a bittersweet emotion for sure.  On one hand I am so very grateful that she had a very smooth passing in her sleep, on the other I miss her so very much.  Over the past several weeks it has been so nice to see the family get together to remember Grandma.   Of course my favorite is always being able to see see my adorable  nieces and nephews.  (I am biased, I admit it, I am THAT Aunt, the one that brags about all of her nieces and nephews),

      Grandma and I had so many memories, especially the past few years, as I have been blessed to spend more time with her as she reflected on her life and shared the lessons that she had learned.  Grandma is a firecracker, she never failed to make me laugh about some of the things that she did.  Sometimes we would visit over chocolate and sushi, sometimes over me polishing her nails, sometimes we just visited as she told me stories of her life.  She loved the visits and I was always so blessed for visiting.  She was truly, (and still is) a tremendous blessing in my life.

     As these things happen it makes me more and more grateful for the the upbringing that I have and for the knowledge I have that indeed families can be together forever and that I will be reunited with them in the future.   I am proud to call her my Grandma, and I am so grateful for all the many memories she and I shared together.  I am grateful for family, for that is what life is all about.

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