Monday, May 18, 2015

Masterchef Season 6 is almost upon us!

Master Chef Season 6

     Call me a geek all you want, but I have been super excited for this week.  Why am I excited?  I am excited because Masterchef is FINALLY back!  I am so excited about the new season.   This season I will be back and writing recaps for EVERY week, (last season I missed a few…)  There is one major change this season, one of the judges has changed.  We still have Gordon and Graham, but Joe is not on this season.  Instead we have a new Chef, Ms. Christina Tosi.  While I have always loved watching Joe, (the man has a poker face like none other) it is great to see a fresh new face among the judges.  And I am curious to see what influences she has on the show.

     Ms. Tosi is the co-owner and chef for Momofuku Milk Bar, and has a very impressive resume.  She is a true pastry chef which I think will definitely create a different dynamic on the show.   Her recipes are flawless.   Seriously amazing stuff.   I have made several of her recipes and I am always amazed at how delicious the dishes turn out.

     I haven’t forgotten my dream to someday be on Masterchef, and to see just how far I could make it.  In honor of revitalizing my dream I will be blogging more and sharing way more recipes, (yes, I do realize that you have heard that before).  Anyway, please follow along this season and longer and share in on all the fun!  Don’t forget this Wednesday the 20th, the new season begins!

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