Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Boba’s Bites….Homemade Dog Treats & Proper Introduction to my Dog

New Dog
    This isn’t a current photo, but it is a memorable one, if not very flattering of me.  This was the first picture taken right after I got my new dog several months ago.  I love this little guy, his name is Boba, (yes, just like the tapioca pearl drink).  He is a rescue dog, which I do personally think is the best way to get a new fur baby.  There are so many cute and wonderful dogs out there that are looking for homes, so shelters were the way to go.

     I had visited several shelters and saw lots of adorable dogs, however I am a firm believer that you pick the animal just as much as the animal picks you.  After all it has to be a match.  Boba melted my heart from the first sight.  He really is the best dog for me right now.  Lots of people want to know exactly what he is, he is a mix, part pug, king cavalier spaniel, part jack russell terrier.  He is awfully handsome (I am biased I know).  The shelter said he is about 2 years old, but it seems most dogs in the shelter are “about 2 years old”.
     One of the things that I am trying to do better at on this blog is to share more of my day to day life, and some of the things that I hold dear.  I want to keep this real and about real food, and real things in life.  In that spirit I want to share more about Boba, and properly introduce him to everyone.   Boba LOVES his walks, seriously that dog could walk forever if I let him.   We love our time walking and at the parks, it is so good for both of us.

     Boba also loves to disembowel every toy you give him, every single one!  He still plays with them after that though so I guess if he is happy then I am happy.  He also loves to snuggle, he is the snuggliest dog I have ever seen.  He loves kids too.  My oldest brother visited with his sweet family recently and he did so well with his kids.  My youngest little niece was especially cute with him, and I have discovered that she loves doggie kisses.

     I try to make sure that Boba gets the best food/treats possible.  As I read the labels there are some scary things in some of the dog treats out there.  I have discovered a few things that I know he loves and made him some treats myself.  He loves chicken, pumpkin and anything with peanut butter,  so  this is what I have come up with.  He loves these little treats, and I hope your cute furry friends do as well.  Let me know what your fur babies think of them.

Boba’s Nutty Pumpkin Bites


1 1/2 cup pumpkin puree
1/2 cup oats
3 cups whole wheat flour
2 Tbsp honey
4 Tbsp of all peanut butter (I used creamy)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In small bowl, stir together the flour & oats.

In a separate large bowl, whisk together the pumpkin and peanut butter, and honey until combined.

Combine the two bowls together and “knead” together.

Pour onto a floured surface and roll dough out to 1/2 thick. Cut out using cookie cutter.

Bake for 30 to 35 minutes until golden brown.

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