Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It's as American as apple pie...the search for the next Master Chef continues.

     It is another week and another episode of Master Chef.  The competition truly begins!!! The top 22 home chefs continue the Master Chef Journey.  They are beginning with the season’s very  first Mystery Box Challenge, this one is a bit different than any that we have seen before.

     The ingredients are different in each box.  Each person received a box including staples from their own kitchen at home.  They have one hour to create their dish.
     For those of you that have ever read my recaps you know that I always say what I would fix if it were me.  So I looked inside of my fridge…sadly I have been grocery shopping in a few days.  I have lots and lots of produce, but not one protein to be found.  So I guess I would be doing a vegetarian dish.   I have all of the ingredients to do an amazing ratatouille, so that would probably be the direction I would go.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday Blog Love---Have you checked out skinnytaste yet? You should!

     I don't have have a ton of time to be on Facebook, but the past several weeks I have seen post after post about skinnytaste food blog.  I mean it has been everywhere.  My sister in law posted about it, my friends posted about the blog. I have friends all over the country who are raving about this woman's blog. Post after post, photo after photo lauding her blog and recipes,  Seriously, have I been under a rock?  How did I miss this anyways?  I guess that is what happens when you work all the time.  That or I am just clueless, (I prefer to think its option A, so we will go with that).  So I decided to check it out for myself, with as much as I have been hearing about this blog I was hoping that it lived up to the hype.  In short it exceeded it.  Simply beautiful!

     One of the features that I want to include in this blog are features of blogs that I do read, or pearls of wisdom or fun that I gain in my reading.  Think of it was sharing the blogging love if you will.  There are so many talented dedicated bloggers out there  that we can benefit a lot from.  

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Its here! Master Chef season 6 premier recap! Let the games begin!

     The day has finally come! Master Chef is back on TV! So exciting! First off super excited it is a 2 hour premier, that makes me very happy. I hope it is 2 hour shows for the whole season. I love the format of a two hour show. 

     The top 20 are gathered together and and meet Graham and Gordon and also they introduce Christina Tosi as the newest judge. So Ms. Tosi is scary accomplished. A James Beard Award winner, an owner of seven amazing bakeries...and she is younger than me. Guess I need to work harder don't I?

     Boba and I have our feet (and paws) up and are ready to enjoy the show. This is Boba's first Master Chef experience in case you are wondering. He seems adequately interested I guess, well not really. He just wants to snuggle on my lap, right smack dab where my laptop needs to be to write my recap. Always have to love a fur baby!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Boba’s Bites….Homemade Dog Treats & Proper Introduction to my Dog

New Dog
    This isn’t a current photo, but it is a memorable one, if not very flattering of me.  This was the first picture taken right after I got my new dog several months ago.  I love this little guy, his name is Boba, (yes, just like the tapioca pearl drink).  He is a rescue dog, which I do personally think is the best way to get a new fur baby.  There are so many cute and wonderful dogs out there that are looking for homes, so shelters were the way to go.

     I had visited several shelters and saw lots of adorable dogs, however I am a firm believer that you pick the animal just as much as the animal picks you.  After all it has to be a match.  Boba melted my heart from the first sight.  He really is the best dog for me right now.  Lots of people want to know exactly what he is, he is a mix, part pug, king cavalier spaniel, part jack russell terrier.  He is awfully handsome (I am biased I know).  The shelter said he is about 2 years old, but it seems most dogs in the shelter are “about 2 years old”.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Meatless Monday—I FINALLY have this down!

big vegan bowl lfs
     For the past few years I have worked really hard at making sure that I always adhere to my goal of having a Meatless Monday.  I have to admit that I was overcomplicating things to an unreal level.  I think that is why so many people struggle with the concept, we over think it.   I have poured over tofu recipes, tried to figure out how to master seitan, (still working on that one) and so many other things.  Its hard.  Sometimes, many times I had no idea what to make.  However it was good for me.  It has caused me to broaden my horizons and try new things.

     As I have mentioned earlier this year, I have made some MAJOR changes to my diet.  For the month of February I went completely vegan.  It was hard, but also very rewarding.  I learned quite a few things that month.  Some of the lessons I learned would help anyone no matter what they chose to eat.  I learned far more about meal planning and making correct shopping lists.   I also wanted to make sure that I wasn’t a “junk food vegan” that month.   There are so many junk foods that are technically vegan, but that was not the approach that I was going for.

Masterchef Season 6 is almost upon us!

Master Chef Season 6

     Call me a geek all you want, but I have been super excited for this week.  Why am I excited?  I am excited because Masterchef is FINALLY back!  I am so excited about the new season.   This season I will be back and writing recaps for EVERY week, (last season I missed a few…)  There is one major change this season, one of the judges has changed.  We still have Gordon and Graham, but Joe is not on this season.  Instead we have a new Chef, Ms. Christina Tosi.  While I have always loved watching Joe, (the man has a poker face like none other) it is great to see a fresh new face among the judges.  And I am curious to see what influences she has on the show.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Blessings…Family is what life is all about.

Grandma & I

    Isn’t she just the cutest little old lady ever?  This is my cute grandma.  Sadly since my last post she has passed away.  It is a bittersweet emotion for sure.  On one hand I am so very grateful that she had a very smooth passing in her sleep, on the other I miss her so very much.  Over the past several weeks it has been so nice to see the family get together to remember Grandma.   Of course my favorite is always being able to see see my adorable  nieces and nephews.  (I am biased, I admit it, I am THAT Aunt, the one that brags about all of her nieces and nephews),

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday Blessings---Feed your Faith & Thoughts on going Vegan or Vegetarian.

    Happy Sunday!  It is so hard to believe that it is actually Sunday the sun is shining beautifully and it is only sweater weather here in Salt Lake City!

    I have to admit I am thrilled at the mild winter that we have been having.   I am a complete wimp when it comes to cold weather.   During my last hiatus (I swear I am going to get better at that guys!) a lot happened.   I worked insane hours during the Holidays and got that all done and over with, sadly on Christmas Eve, my sweet dog Chloe passed away.  I also caught pneumonia and my goodness the score was pneumonia 1 Ruth 0.  Pneumonia won the battle for December and January.   It looks like for February though victory will be mine!  I also adopted a new dog.  He is the cutest snuggly little guy that ever walked on four paws.  You will be seeing lots more of him.