Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Blessings…Gratitude is what it is all about.

Gratitude into Enough
     I love the Fall!  To me the Fall is a time of reflection, a time to turn inward and think of all that I have been blessed with, and a chance to look for opportunities to bless others.
     This is one of my favorite quotes.  Its actually been a quote that has been my personal motto for the past year.   Whenever I get down about my situation, or wish things were different, I have to remember that with gratitude everything is enough, with gratitude my situation is beautiful.
     This month (and really all year long), I am trying to focus on the little things to be grateful for.   To be better at expressing for my beautiful life that I have been blessed with.  I have always heard that a grateful heart is a happy heart.   Its so true, the times in my life that I have focused on gratitude have definitely been the happiest times.

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