Sunday, August 3, 2014

Shh! Don’t tell my Sunday Secret! Photo a Day in August!

Secret Sunday Nap

     I will admit that I have a few guilty indulgences, and one indulgence that I have been starting to have every week is my secret Sunday nap.  Today’s photo prompt was secret Sunday, it was a no brainer what was my secret Sunday disclosure, my naps.

    As I have mentioned, I do go to church every Sunday.  After church however, I love to come home, turn off my cell phone and sprawl on the couch with my trusty dog and have a nap.  Believe me, Sunday naps are completely underrated, I love them.  Sundays have always been a chance for me to recharge mentally and spiritually.  Now I am trying to recharge physically on Sundays too. 

     What sorts of Sunday secrets do you have?  Any traditions that I am missing out on?

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