Monday, August 4, 2014

Foodie Photo a Day in August… my lunch!


     Do you ever have those days that are just non stop action and on the go?  Today was one of those days so my lunch that I am supposed to be sharing was certainly not fancy, but it satisfied.  It’s a little unclear what it is in the picture, but today for lunch I had vanilla flavored Greek yogurt.  I finally jumped on the Greek yogurt kick, and I love it!  I had coupons as well so I got these babies for a really great deal.    

     I have been eating the vanilla yogurt simply because I love that flavor, and because I have tons of produce right now, and it blends so well with my produce.  Its delicious, relatively low in sugar, high in protein and definitely satisfies.

     I am always looking for good lunch ideas, what have you been using for your go to lunches?

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