Monday, August 4, 2014

A moment to recognize the heroes amongst us…

Live Greatly

     The past two weeks I have been thinking about the heroic people who walk amongst us.  During the past two weeks four amazing people I know have returned back to their Heavenly Father after fighting long term battles with cancer and terminal illnesses. 

     These four warriors have been heroes of mine on so many occasions. They have taught me about moving forward with grace and courage in spite of crippling fears and illnesses.  They have taught me about living with grace and optimism, to enjoy the journey of life.  They always taught me about living with joy and enthusiasm, also they taught me about living my life in a manner that my life counted and was a life that benefited others.

     As a legacy to these four heroes of mine I want to live my life with joy and grace and courage in the face of adversity and disappointments.  I also want to serve and strengthen others and help to lift them.  I am so grateful for these wonderful examples, they are true blessing to me, and have helped me to be a better person.

     I wish I had let them know more often the impact that they had in my life, and how heroic I found them.  I encourage you dear reader to let those heroes who walk amongst us to know of their greatness and the impact that they are for good.  I hope that when all is said and done people can say I was someone who tried my hardest to be continually good.


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