Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Masterchef Season 5 Episode 6…Everyone loves a class act!

Masterchef Season 5 Episode 6
     It seems like June was one of the busiest and craziest months ever!  While I may have missed a few episode recaps I can assure you I have been watching Masterchef, and loving every episode.  My only complaint about this season is with the hour long format I feel like we don’t get some of the same background stories on the contestants that we used to, and that I definitely miss.
     Chloe and I curled up on the couch and put our feet (and paws) up, and settled down to enjoy our Masterchef!  The Top 16 Enter the Masterchef Kitchen, and prepare for their Mystery box challenge, lots of unmarked tin cans. 
     Willie is excited about the tin can challenge.  Each person has 52 cans, every contestant has the same types and varieties of cans.  They have the option to use as many or as little cans as possible, they also have a pantry box to use with it as well.
     In this challenge the only dishes tasted will be the ones the judges consider to be the top 3 after they walk around during the cooking time.  As the judges walk around they definitely notice that the chefs all have different strategies of how to address all of the unmarked tin cans.
     It is time for the top 3 dishes to be tasted, and one by one they call the contestants forward.
     Elizabeth made a version of a borscht.  Gordon called it Intriguing, Graham said he loved it.  Joe loved the richness of it.  It definitely looked restaurant quality, kudos to her for coming up with such a creative dish from tin cans.
     Victoria made a potted meat fritter with an artichoke and beet salad.  Graham said that the flavor was great, Gordon says it delivers a punch of flavor.  I feel like Victoria is one of the contestants this season that I know nothing about.  I would like to know more about her.  Her dish maybe didn’t appear to have the same restaurant appearance, but the judges all seemed to love it.
     Ahran made a rolled sponge cake with fruit inside and whipped cream.   Joe declares it brilliant.  Gordon declares it delicious.  Joe actually seemed to love that cake, I daresay that he would eat the whole cake if given the opportunity.  He was definitely a very enthusiastic fan of the dish.
     The winner joins the judges in the pantry and gets a huge advantage for the elimination challenge, the winner is Elizabeth.  She follows the chefs into the pantry where she discovers that she gets to choose what the contestants  cook for the elimination challenge, also does not have to cook in the elimination challenge.  Both Luca Masterchef season 4 and Alexander Masterchef Jr are in the Pantry as well, definitely good to see both of them.  Luca has definitely bee super busy since winning last season, but looked so happy. 
     Each of the two champions made a signature dish, Luca made pancetta wrapped veal.   Alexander made a passion fruit panna cotta.  Elizabeth chooses who gets to cook which dish.
     The Panna Cotta group are Cutter, Christian, Jaimee, Christine,  Arhan, Victoria, Tyler, Francis B.  The others all have to cook Luca's savory dish.  The judges walk around and can see that some people are having a hard time with these two dishes, the time then comes to judge the dishes.

     Courtney had to cook Luca's veal dish, Gordon says she is getting her mojo back.
     Big Willie had to cook Luca's dish as well.  He cooked it twice so the veal was dry.  Gordon says he has one foot out the door.
     Christian made the panna cotta, which is more like a cheesecake instead of a panna cotta. 
     Cutter comes up with his panna cotta-Joe says its actually really quite good.  Way to go Cutter.  Cutter had actually never made a panna cotta before or even had one, so I am impressed that he was able to pull of this dish.  Also as a side note, Cutter is not an Aggie, I had that verified by a reader, but I will still root for Cutter.  I like him.

     Jaimee is next with her panna cotta, her panna cotta didn't set, she said that was the first time in 6 years that her panna cotta has not set.  Graham says it was like a really good pudding.

     Tyler is next with his panna cotta,  sadly he got confused and grabbed the wrong dish out of the chiller and grabbed Jaimee's panna cotta by mistake.  He was a man about it and owned up to his mistake, but the rules were broken.  Gordon assures him that he did believe that Tyler made a mistake, not that he was cheating, however  Tyler had to be eliminated because of that simple mistake.  Tyler again apologizes to the judges for the mistake, and then turns to apologize to Jaimee for the mistake as well.

     Courtney was declared the winner of the elimination challenge, and is promised to have a huge advantage for next week.

     My thoughts on this week circles around Tyler.  He was definitely a class act in how he handled the situation.  Yes he did make a mistake, and honest mistake, he got confused and grabbed the wrong dish from the chiller.  Sadly that meant disaster for him and complete disqualification.  He handled the situation with complete class and apologized profusely and then also owned up to the mistake and supported the judges in carrying out the rules of the competition.  I am always impressed by someone who demonstrates complete accountability and he definitely did, I hope he goes far in his culinary adventures and I will miss seeing his camouflage shirts every week on TV.


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