Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Loving My Masterchef! Season 5, Episode 2 The Beginning of the Feuds!

MASTERCHEF: L-R: Contestant Willie and Chef Ramsay on MASTERCHEF airing Monday, June 2 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Greg Gayne / FOX. Copyright 2014 / FOX.
     I love my Masterchef, seriously one of the highlights of my week!  I have to admit, last week I was disappointed by the lack of information that was given on the contestants.  I didn’t feel like I got to know that many of them.  Hopefully this this week is much better in that regards.  I haven’t even had a chance to decide who might be any of my favorites.  So my trusty dog Chloe and I are perfectly positioned to enjoy the show!
     We begin the show with the top 22 are ready to compete in the first mystery box challenge.   They have 90 minutes to make the dish, the box contains bananas, chocolate, berries, extracts, honey, definitely a box for bakers!  Desserts are hard, it’s a way to weed out the ones that are not prepared for cooking both sweet and savory.  If it was me I would make a flourless chocolate torte with a pastry cream and a berry coulis.
     The judges are milling around talking to the contestants as they are cooking.  First we meet Cutter.  I like Cutter, he is from Beaumont, Texas works in the petroleum industry and used to be a search and rescue swimmer in the military.  I am sure he has lots of tales to tell with that background.   I am curious if he is a Texas A&M Aggie, the ring he wears on his right hand on TV looks like the infamous “Aggie Ring”  Either way, Aggie or not I think He will be someone I will root for. Verdict is I love my Texans!  I will root for him!  But if anyone knows if he is an Aggie please let me know...I am curious!

     The judges move on to Astrid who declares she doesn’t bake.  It always amazes me how many people go on this show who don’t bake.  How does one think that they can win if they don’t bake?  On the  upside her station did look better than last week so that was a plus.
     They move onto Jaimee who is actually pretty adorably quirky.  She also has a kitchen aid mixer tattoo that she proudly displays for the camera.  Now tattoos have never been my thing, I never judge those with tattoos, but for me it is just not my thing.  I have to say though I actually like her tattoo.  I too have a great love of my kitchen aid mixer, so that tattoo actually makes complete sense to me.  Jamiee seems sweet,  she is a bakery assistant in New York.  She was bullied in school  and talks about never fitting in, there is something very endearing about her, verdict is that so far I like her!
     The first hint of drama begins, Elizabeth and Leslie are fighting...we have found the first feud of the season I think.  Both are strong personalities, hopefully the just end up on different teams when they have the team challenges.
     Courtney and Big Willie and Cutter and Astrid are the 4 called to the front.  We learn that two are in contention for the winning dish, and two are considered to be the bottom two for the challenge.

     Astrid and Cutter are declared to be the bottom two.  Cutter made cappuccino pudding and biscotti, Gordon is not impressed.  Joe says it is not Master chef quality and definitely not true biscotti. 
    Astrid made a lemon tart with lavender, it is raw, the filling is clearly not cooked properly.  Her plating skills are not very good either it appears.  Gordon does not feel that she has much potential.  Graham says that it didn't come together and that the dish was a miss.  Cutter gets another chance and gets to stay, Astrid is sent home.
     Courtney made honey cake with a mixed berry coulis, Graham declares it smart that she used the salt to balance the honey,  Gordon loved the balance of the dish.  Her plating did look very nice as well.
     Big Willie made Gingerbread cake with  mascarpone and berry compote.  Joe is surprised to see something so dainty to come from him.  Joe says it is delicious, Gordon declares it alive and a party in his mouth.  His plating looked amazing, I was very impressed at the appearance of that dish, it is one that I would actually love to have a recipe for.  I like him too, I hope he does well.
     The winner is declared to be Courtney, she gets to go to that Masterchef Pantry to learn more about what her advantage will be.   She finds out that for the elimination challenge they have to cook with ground meat.  They can make either meatballs, meatloaf, or burgers.  As the winner of the mystery box challenge Courtney does not have to cook in the elimination challenge, she also gets to choose which item the contestants have to cook (meatloaf), and she gets to choose which ten people are safe from elimination as well.  She chooses Leslie, Jamiee, Gordon, Elsie, Cutter, Francis, Iran, Elizabeth, Christian, and Kira.  
     I don’t resent her in the least bit for winning the challenge, she definitely earned it, but my goodness.  Could she have been any more degrading and pretentious and downright rude, than she was in how she addressed people as she picked the ones she was declaring safe?  Someone is definitely way too high on her high horse and quite frankly its extremely off-putting to me.  I do not like her.  In her one one ones with the camera she goes on to says she is going to play the contestants like chess pieces and be the great puppet master.
     It is now time for the judges to try the meatloaf dishes and see what everyone has come up with.
     Francis B.-Gordon declares that it worked, and he wanted more of the burrata stuffed meatloaf.  Graham liked it,  Joe said it was a true masterchef dish.  He seems nice, I am glad he is doing well.
     Stephani made a lamb meatloaf with cous cous and a blue cheese sauce, Gordon declares it too dry to swallow and spits it out.
     Whitney made a Caribbean meatloaf with lemongrass and soy, Graham says it doesn't work, Gordon  says that the meat is dry and overcooked, says it reminds him of a TV dinner turned TV disaster.  I did like the story of Whitney, she started culinary school and then had to stop because of finances.  I hope she gets to go back.
     Dan made a meatloaf with mushrooms and kimchee, Gordon declares it disgusting and one of the worst meatloaves that he had ever eaten.  Poor Dan, he seemed to do so well last week.
     The Winner of the meatloaf challenge was Francis B.
     The 3 worst are declared to be Stefani, Dan, and Whitney.  The one going home is Whitney.   Courtney is bothering me, I don’t like her attitude, and I doubt she made many friends this week in the kitchen.
     My thoughts on this weeks episode are that I feel as though I still don’t know much about most of the contestants, hopefully we get to hear more from some of them.  I wasn’t impressed by Courtney’s attitude,  but I will wait another week to declare her as a mean girl.  I can’t wait to see how things progress this season!


Jenna Allen said...

We spotted Cutter's Aggie-esque ring and were curious too. Sadly, Cutter isn't an Aggie--he went to Lamar University (per his Facebook page). Maybe we'll cheer him on anyway :)

Love from Scratch said...

Thanks for letting me know Jenna! I am glad I am not the only one that thought it looked like an Aggie Ring too. So far I like him so I will definitely cheer him on, Aggie or not, he has one of my votes!