Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Its Back! Masterchef Season 5 Opening Night Recap…

Masterchef Season 5 is coming!!!

     I am loving the fact that Masterchef is back on!  I have my Dr Pepper and my feet up and I am ready to enjoy the season!  My trusty dog Chloe is ready for the season to begin as well!

     I have to say that I am not thrilled about the face that I don’t get to see the audition process this season.  That was always one of my favorite parts…sigh.  Maybe it will come back next season.  Oh well. 

     The top 30 enter the Masterchef Kitchen, ready to earn their white Masterchef apron.  Graham is looking like a skinny Minnie!  Way to go buddy!  He always looks so cheerful, and right now he really seems to glow, he looks great!  Glad to see him doing so well.

     The top 30 have their first challenge, they have to earn their white Masterchef apron.  1st Challenge: 1 hour  to put you on a plate.  Your life story on a plate in form of a dish.  They have access to the full Masterchef pantry.  The Masterchef Pantry looks amazing, I wish I had that pantry.  I do in my dreams, and for now that is good enough.

     The contestants are told that as they are cooking some people will be eliminated while they are cooking before testing and before the time is over.  The judges mill through the contestants, there are some interesting dishes being made.  Gavin the nice guy with the wooden bow tie was eliminated for not tasting his dishes as he is going. 

     I am  amazed at home many of the girls haven't pulled back their hair as they are cooking....gross!  Seriously ladies pull it back…food sanitation is important!

     Natanya was eliminated for too many technical errors with eight minutes still to go on the clock.  Nine do not get the aprons immediately they have a second challenge,  to use the most common ingredients in America.

     Gordon is going to be cooking along side of them, they got to pick which of the 3 judges would cook along side the group.  Of course they picked Gordon.  I would have loved to see Joe do it.  I know he would pick something amazing in its simplicity.  He is flawless when it comes to his taste.  Maybe next time they will pick Joe.  They have one hour to dazzle the judges.

     Astrid-what are you doing with your kitchen station?  She is a slob that is just gross.  You can not just throw stuff on the floor like that!  I am glad that Joe called her out on that...makes you wonder about her house.  Interesting that she is in food sales.  Asks "don't they have people to clean?"  Yes Astrid, they do…that’s your responsibility.

     They go through all the remaining dishes and finally they have come up with the top 22.  It is an interesting bunch this year, they didn’t show too much on the contestants, so I don’t have any strong opinions yet, but I will soon!  It has all the makings of a great season!

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