Friday, May 2, 2014

Home Sweet Home….How I love my Home!!!

        Homes are always something that I consider to be sacred.  A home is where a family grows and flourishes, where memories are made, lessons learned, and sometime tears shed.  A home is our sanctuary, the place where we should feel free, secure, loved and nurtured.  It is the place where I get to be me!  100% authentic, no pretenses, just me in all of my imperfect glory.  I love that at home I can just be me.  It is amazing to know that every day I get to go home to such a place, it makes the day so much better!   That being said I work very hard to keep my home clean and organized and above all, COMPLETELY peaceful.  A home really is a tremendous blessing that I have become more and more grateful for as I have gotten older.

     Isn't that breathtaking?  What a beautiful world we live in!  I have been blessed to be able to live in some amazing places, I have been able to see the world, but sometimes the best sites are the ones close to home.  Lately I have been trying to really enjoy nature and to reflect on all of the beauty around me.  What do you like best about your home & where you live?

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