Saturday, May 3, 2014

Family Memories, A Work In Progress & Pink Eggs!

     May 3, 2014!  How does this happen that time gets away from us so?  I know that the past couple months I have been beyond pathetic at blogging.  Sometimes I just let things get the best of me.  Sometimes I just have to stop and decompress and regroup.  The past couple months have definitely been that way.  Divorce stinks, while it is the best for both of us, it still is the death of a dream of what could have been.
     Right now is a time that I am rebuilding and re-discovering.  As selfish as it may sound, now is a time that I am using to re-discover myself.  Now is a time that I am focusing on the simple things and being the best version of me that I can be.  I am constantly going to be a work in process, but you know what that is great!  I love that I am continually (hopefully) progressing and growing.
     When I feel that everything is changing around me I like to revert back to my roots, and to the things that always bring me joy and comfort.  Something that always brings me joy is family memories.  My family is my greatest blessing in life.  I have the best family that a girl could ever ask for.   That is where I feel safe and comfortable, and free to grow and develop.  It is on the rough days that I reflect on all the amazing times I have had with my family and it always makes me feel so much brighter about the day and how things are going.
     Growing up we certainly had our disasters in the kitchen, and believe me I had more than my fair share.  However my older brother has the distinct honor of having the worst concoction ever, eggs!  Now don't get me wrong I am a lover of all things pink, but this was definitely not something that I could get behind. 
     I have to give that background on this incident.  I was only in grade school when this happened, so its clearly been awhile.  My older brother was in a home economics class in junior high and routinely got assignments of "recipes" that he had to make at home.  My brother sometimes liked to have some artistic liberty on what ingredients to have, or in what order to do the steps. 
     Growing up lots of times we would put ketchup on our scrambled eggs,  my brother had this genius idea to add the ketchup to the eggs before scrambling and cooking.  Now let me interject before you even try this idea, it is not good at all, and you will be left with Barbie pink eggs.  Definitely something reminiscent of a 5 year girl trying to cook in her kitchen, not something meant to grace your dinner table I can assure you.  So that has become a family joke of ours, a definite indelible memory of my childhood.   What cooking memories have you created for your family?

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