Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Adventures of one VERY broke Single Girl…

spare change
     You know what they never tell you in school?  What to do when plan A doesn’t work and you have to rebuild your life.  Yeah I am looking at you high school economics teacher…we never covered that.
     They never tell you that spare change can become a hot commodity and that your mathematic skills will be taxed to the highest level as you try to make all of your ends meet.  As all of you now know I am in the rebuilding process.  Trying to establish a new life and take care of everything as the divorce continues on.  It is an adventure let me tell you.
     Everyone loves a broke single girl right?  Right???  Well now at 33 I find myself trying to figure out just how all of this is going to work out.  Don’t get me wrong, I am very blessed and I am very happy, but I am learning more and more about stretching a dollar. After paying all of my bills (which I swear there are too many of) there is only a very small amount left.  As much as I would love to spend it and get myself something nice, right now is a time of saving not spending.  I have to build my nest egg, so I do have something for whenever that “Rainy Day” comes that everyone talks about.
     Starting over is not cheap, setting up an new home/apartment/townhome etc., not cheap, divorce DEFINITELY NOT cheap.  However I have to say it is very rewarding as I provide for myself and get my own home in order.  After all your home should always be your haven, and your sanctuary.  It is actually really fun creating my sanctuary, my creativity is being tested as I try to do it all on the cheap…the dirt poor cheap.
     I read a lot of blogs, and do a lot of research on my projects, some of the articles make me laugh.  One tells me how I can organize my pantry for under $500.00….yeah since that is totally in my budget.   Or the blog I read claiming to be for starving college students that showed how to make $200.00 last for your clothing allowance every month.  I don’t remember having that type of budget when I was in college….hmmm…  In everything I do I try to keep it real, so I want to add more of my real life into my posts, you will see exactly what I do to make ends meet and how I still find ways to have a fabulous life while be incredibly frugal.
     I try to write articles that are useful, and I do try to share some of my life adventures with you, and pledge to do better in that regard.  So for 2014 I want to be more self sufficient and able to do so much more.  I have skills that I want to learn and develop and I want to share all of that with you.  2014 will have a different focus than I have stressed before, it will be all about the simple life and making the most of what resources you do have.
     So come along and read my adventures as I try to figure this all out and rebuild.   Its going to be a crazy adventure!

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