Saturday, December 28, 2013

Crossing into 2014...

     Well, it goes without saying that I have been in a time of transition and change, but I am surviving and will be better for all of it, at least I hope and pray that is the case.  I have always felt that the week between Christmas and New Years is a tremendous opportunity for reflection.  What a year that 2013 has been, its been rocky to say the least, but it has had some beautiful moments as well.  I have so many hopes and dreams and goals for 2014.

     As I reflect on everything that has happened in 2013 it is overwhelming, and I hope to soon have my feet on solid ground again and back better than ever.  As I sit and think of 2013 I can focus only on one thing and that is how very blessed that I am.  I have the best family that any girl could ever ask for.  I have parents that are the best I could have ever dreamed of and brothers and sister in laws that stand by me no matter what happens.  And the world's funniest Grandma, and the cutest nieces and nephews in the world.  I have amazing friends, and the cutest dog ever.  I am blessed.  While I am re-grouping and figuring so many things out as the divorce proceedings go on, I become more and more aware of just how lucky I am.

     Every year I try to focus on something, 2014 I want to be a year focusing on gratitude and acknowledgement of my blessings.  Due to my current situation it will have to be a simple year where I focus completely on the simple things in life and being happy and grateful each day for the blessings I have.

     I hope that all of you had an amazing Christmas!  I had a very nice Christmas and I will be writing more about in in the next few days.  The past couple months I haven't written much as you can see, I have been re-grouping and figuring out exactly where I am headed.  I am excited to say, I know where I am headed and however rocky the journey may be I am going to get there!

    Over the next few days you will hear lots more of my plans and goals for 2014 and I would love to hear your goals for change 2014.  Together I think that we can all have a great 2014!  

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