Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thoughts on Fall and The Anne of Green Gables Cookalong, (It’s coming I SWEAR!)…

PEI in the Fall Revised
     Autumn leaves, sweater weather, college football, hot chocolate, the fall really is the best season ever!  I have always been a bit of a romantic when I think of Autumn.  It seems like the perfect season, it’s a shame that it has to turn into something as bleak as winter (which for the record, is my LEAST favorite season.) 
     Autumn is always full of lots of baking, pumpkin and apples abound.  Every Saturday I make treats for the big game (Go Texas A&M!).  I love the fall, it always seems like such a peaceful time of year.  So nice and relaxing, like a nice quilt that you can just snuggle up in.  Especially since to me Summer is the least relaxing season ever.  It always seems to be such a whirlwind for me.  I am glad for some relaxing fall days where I can enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer.
     This past month was a whirlwind, and it seems like a suitcase or backpack was my constant companion.  I know that wasn’t the case, but it sure seemed so.  August saw my birthday, a wonderful trip back home to Texas, and so much more.  What however was regrettably missing was my Anne of Green Gables Cookalong.  Something that I was so excited about did not happen last month, but let me explain why.  Anne of Green Gables is as you all know by now the book of my childhood, and I wasn’t going to give it less than what it deserved.  Last month I sadly was unable to do that, so I plan on doing it this month, and that I think is perfect anyways, cause Autumn is truly the perfect Prince Edward Island weather.
     This month I am recommitting myself to hosting the First Annual Anne of Green Gables Cookalong.  As you all know my AMAZING sister in law found the Anne of Green Gables Cookbook while thrifting, and I am it’s very proud new owner!  It is full of all sorts of recipes and memories that I can not wait to share with you this month.  So please be patient with me and lets get the Autumn off to a a great start!

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