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Like Father Like Son! Masterchef Week 14 Recap…

Masterchef Fathers and Sons     I know that lately I have been pathetic and get this recaps up in a timely manner.  It's been a whirlwind so I am trying to get on top of things and do better!  It was a great week for Masterchef however!
     On tonight’s show the judges get some very special help from their sons, who stop by the Masterchef kitchen to judge the next mystery box challenge. Those boys are spitting images of their fathers. Later, in a field challenge, the remaining five home cooks visit a ranch where they will each prepare one Southern-inspired dish as part of a special summer luncheon for local charity volunteers. After the first part of the competition, two home cooks will advance to the finals and the Top Four, while the bottom three contestants will face a pressure test that will end the competition for one home cook.
     In Part I of tonight’s show the contestants get to meet the judges’ sons. It was their sons that created tonight’s mystery box challenge (interesting, right?). Whoever wins will have an advantage in the later challenge tonight. The kids have picked out a varied sort of ingredients. No one really knows how they’ll go together but it’s up to the contestants to figure it out. They have to cook a restaurant quality dish proving they could cook with anything. With Jack (Gordon’s son) flirting with Jessie.  Really is quite amazing how alike the kids look to their fathers.  I think Grahams little boy was the absolute perfect "mini-me".      

     The kids leave prior to the actual tasting. The first person to be called is Luca. His dish is delicious and visually appealing. The next person called is Jessie. Her dish is good but not as good as Luca’s. The last person to be called is James. He did really well with his pastry yet Krissi is angry (I swear that woman is always mad about something). Natasha’s Vietnamese soup had some issues. Her broth turned out to be too sweet. The rest of the dish is fine. It’s just the sweetness that was off-putting. The judges applaud her effort. Effort only not the full dish, the dish was lacking.      

     Luca’s soup is deemed perfect. He beats out Natasha cooking the exact same dish. He’s been on fire recently and that appears to not be slowing down. I love Luca, I am hoping for the best from him. Always Team Luca that is for sure! Both clearly are very gifted home cooks.      

     Jessie’s soup is said to have depth and layer. The only negative feedback is from Gordon. He says she didn’t cut back on the sourness. Otherwise it seemed to be a good dish and well liked. Krissi, the resident complainer, did pull off a good job. Like Natasha her dish is considered a good effort. Chef Ramsay tells her the biggest problem in her cooking is her. She tends to hold herself back and become her own worst enemy. I personally think her lack of confidence is hurting her.     

     The winner of the challenge is Luca with Jessie coming in a very close second.  I am glad to see Jessie do well, she needed a boost after a difficult past couple weeks. The bottom two came down between Natasha and Krissi. In the end the judges decides they couldn’t decide who put out the weakest dish and so instead decided to send no one home.      

    There they will have to cook individually from now on, no more group challenges, cook the requested meat for Paula Dean’s thank you luncheon. They have to cook 5 different proteins for the challenge.      

     Because Luca won last week he has the advantage of choosing his products along with everyone else’s. Luca will cook the pork chops (no surprise there). Jessie will cook alligator. She’s never even see alligator meat. So that’s another advantage for Luca. James got chicken. The easiest meat. While Krissie got shrimp. She probably thinks it will be easy but Luca most likely chose shrimp because of how she reacted last week during the restaurant test. Her shrimp at the time was constantly raw. And lastly Natasha got catfish. For me the hardest dish would be the pork chop. I don’t particularly enjoy pork chops.      

     James struggled with his dish. His pieces of chicken were bigger than he was used to and so he didn’t cook it all the way through. Natasha also struggled with her catfish. She hadn’t expected it to stick to the grill and at the last minute she had to abruptly cook it in pans. Both of them are having a much poorer performance so far than their usual routine.      

     When it comes time to serve their tables everyone is getting rave reviews except James. His meat was still raw. Gordon had to take several dishes back from James table just so the meat can be cooked fully through this time. Another table got their food sent back. The majority of Natasha’s catfish was undercooked.      

     Paula announces the top two contestants for tonight’s challenge. The winners are Luca and Jessie. His pork chop was a definite winner. Then there’s Jessie’s dish which was appropriately dedicated to her home state of Georgia, after all those Southern Girls have to stick together. She didn’t know what alligator taste or looked like and yet she cooked it perfectly. As a reward the two winners are both go  into the pantry to learn about their advantages. They have to decide together which contestant will cook one of the judges very own dishes straight from their own restaurant.  That is a huge deal, no one wants to botch up a signature dish from one of the judges.     

     The two agree their main rival, Natasha, should go down, I personally would have gone after Krissi, but Natasha is the stronger threat that is clear. They give Natasha Gordon’s dish. However even though they weren’t targeting the other two, their choices for them prove to be equally as hard. Really anyone could go down on this challenge.      

     Time is called and visually Natasha’s dish isn’t as perfect as Gordon’s, but her food is good. She captured the taste at least. On the other hand Krissi’s dish looks exactly like Joe’s dish but her food isn’t up to their standards. She overcooked her steak on one side and the other was a little bit too raw. James’s dish tasted delicious, Gordon couldn’t help getting seconds and thirds, but it’s not what Graham’s dish looked like.
     After a long deliberation the judges chose to send James home. I hate to see James eliminated. He was always so interesting to watch on the show. I am definitely sad to see him go. That man was definitely born to cook, I hope to see much more from him

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