Friday, September 13, 2013

And the Results are in! Luca Wins as America’s Next Masterchef!!!

Luca Wins!
    What a season it has been for Masterchef!  I have to say I loved this season, and found the season very inspiring.  As all of you already know by now Luca won.  I was hoping that he would win for so many reasons, but especially because of the story of his journey to Masterchef.
     On Season 3 he was the last person eliminated before the contestants enter the Masterchef kitchen.  He was admonished to keep cooking and to try again for Season 4.  He could have so easily said that he had already given it his best effort and moved on.  However, he showed humility and persistence, and took the judges advice.  He worked very hard that year, fine tuned his craft, and he came back and he WON!!!
      He showed all of America that anything worth having is worth working hard for!  He showed the importance of humility and dedication and perseverance.  Luca certainly had his ups and downs during the season, but one thing remained constant.  He was a class act during the entire season. no outbursts or tantrums, just good solid hard work.  Each time he stumbled he worked hard to rectify the situation so that didn’t happen again.  He truly earned the title of Masterchef.
     So many times in life we want the route of instant gratification, I know I do.  Luca and his journey is the perfect reminder that good things happen to those who wait, work and are patient.  I will be first in line to buy his cookbook, and I hope he does open the restaurant that he dreams of, I expect amazing things from him.  Bravo Luca!  Bravo!

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