Friday, August 9, 2013

Masterchef Week 11 Recap, Definitely a good day for Vegetarians!

Keep Calm and Cook on

     I am sorry that I am a day late for my recap, so I am sure all of you already know what happened, on this week’s episode, but it still definitely deserves a recap.  I have to admit I was surprised at how the episode turned out, where any of you?

     We begin with the remaining contestants learning that there are 3 contestants that get a second chance to get back in the master kitchen. 

     Each judge got to pick someone that they thought deserved a second chance.  Gordon picks everyone’s favorite vegetarian Bri.  We can already see Krissi’s eye rolling and the profanity begins pouring out of her mouth.   Joe picks Lynn to return for a second chance, which has several of the contestants very worried.  Graham picks Bime to get a second chance.  I found the selections interesting, I don’t know that I expected that selection, but I do love when they have the opportunity for people to work their way back into the Masterchef kitchen.

     The 3 of them learn that they have to cook as many sunny side eggs that are perfect as possible in 15 minutes.  Jordan and James are worried that Lynn will make is back in, Krissi of course has to swear and threaten to hurt Bri.  Seriously can someone please get her an anger management counselor or something?  I think she needs is.  I like Bime, but no one seems to be worried about him rejoining the competition.

     The 3 of them are working at a frantic speed.  I am actually amazed at how many eggs they are getting plated, but I wonder if they are getting quantity over quality.  Lynn has 27 plated, Joe smashes each wrong plate one by one, and there are a ton of them. Out of the 27 plates only 8 are done perfectly.  As a side note I am curious to see just how much their budget is for broken plates, cause the judges sure like to break plates to make a point.

     Next up is Bri. More smashing continues. Bri is able to get 13 perfect eggs.  Bime gets off to a bad start, but manages to get enough. Bime and Bri get to go head to head to see who gets back into the kitchen.  Lynn  is eliminated for a second time and does not re-enter the Masterchef kitchen.  Many of the other contestants look relieved.

     The remaining contestants are judging the final dish with Joe. It will be a blind taste test.  Bri and Bime have to cook King Salmon. This might be hard for the vegetarian.  These King salmon cost over $500 each.  I love salmon and make it all the time, but this would be hard for me.  I find that the more expensive an ingredient is, the more nervous I get when cooking.  I suppose that is just a quirk of mine.

     They need to make 7 plates, salmon with asparagus and hollandaise sauce.  Bime is the blue team, and Bri is the red team.  They only have 60 minutes to make 7 identical plates.  Bime is clearly comfortable filleting a salmon, Bri clearly is not.

     Krissi thinks that Bri will win cause “Bime just sucks at life.” Wow, way harsh Krissi. I am sick of her bad attitude. Last week she seemed almost human, not this week that is for sure.  Poor woman has clearly a lot of issues.

     So I just saw the commercial for Masterchef Junior starting in September. I love that!  I know a few children that I think would be excellent contestant for the show.  I will be curious to watch that and see how that turns out.

     Both of them produced beautiful looking dishes. I am curious to see what happens.  Looking at the plates there isn’t a clearly better dish, so it will definitely be a hard decision for the contestants.  The first person to 4 votes wins.  Bri Wins!  It was definitely a great day for Vegetarians.  Tune in next week to watch the Bri and Krissi drama continue.

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