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Masterchef Week 10 Recap, Lesson learned…Don’t wash the uni!

Never Wash Uni-Masterchef Week 10 recap
     Here we are down to the Final Magnificent Seven, week 10 has finally arrived which means that we’re getting close to the finale!  The contestants enter the Masterchef kitchen there they see an absolutely huge mystery box behind the judges     
     Inside it is  the family members of the contestants. Luca’s wife .is absolutely beautiful, they look extremely well matched for whatever my opinion is worth.  Everyone has someone except Krissi  Poor Krissi, her son couldn’t come, that is sad even though I don’t like her, my heart breaks for her.  He did send a video message for her though.  That does make me feel better, everyone needs to have someone rooting them on, I believe everyone deserves that.  Everyone seems to be re-energized by seeing family, and want to do this next challenge as a tribute to their respective family members.
     Their Challenge is to create a dish inspired by their loved ones, they get to go to the pantry and pick no more than 15 items for the dish. They have one hour for the challenge.  For me, I think this is the hardest challenge yet, I don’t know if I would be able to focus after seeing my family enough to come up with one stellar dish.          

     Top 3 Contestants for the Challenge are        

     1) Natasha with a green curry, Joe thinks is good and likes it, Graham says its beautifully balanced. Gordon says is delicious.          

     2) Jessie made a seared duck breast with a blackberry reduction. It looked delicious. Graham calls it her best dish yet, Gordon says its cooked beautifully.          

     3) Luca made a pan seared halibut with a white asparagus risotto, Gordon says both elements were nailed beautifully, Joe says the risotto was done perfectly.          

     The Winner was Luca! Yay Luca!          

     Luca goes into the pantry to learn more about the elimination challenge, he learns that everyone will have to cook Japanese food, in particular sushi. Luca is free from the elimination challenge, so Luca is officially in the top 6.          

     There will be 3 teams of 2 and he gets to pick each team…very interesting advantage.  Krissi goes on about how much she hates sushi.  Luca picks very different teams than I would have, but his choices were that; 1st team is James & Jordan, very interesting team, that’s a strong one.  2nd team is Natasha & Krissi, Luca states that he wants Natasha to go home.  3rd team is Jessie & Eddie, both are happy about that team.          

     This is a tag team challenge, they have 60 minutes to recreate the sushi platter, and they have to cook in shifts.  None of the contestants really seem to be that familiar with cooking this type of cuisine, which I find very surprising actually.          

     Jordan is learning that you never wash Uni (sea urchin).  Very important lesson actually.  You have to be so incredibly careful with Uni, it is so delicate, and so easy to destroy by accident if you aren’t careful!  There seem to be struggles on each team that is for sure, but it looks like Natasha is by far the most comfortable in this challenge.          

     Natasha & Krissi are first for tasting, Natasha really delivered.  Jordan and James are next there isn’t any seasoning in the food and Joe points that out.  James & Jessie’s uni was not clean, they are definitely in trouble.  Krissi and Natasha are safe. Natasha definitely carried that team. Next safe team is James & Jordan.  Their sushi isn’t picture perfect that is for sure, but they are safe.        

     That means it is between Eddie and Jessie. So sad, I like both of them.  Eddie is going home and is eliminated. So sad, I loved Eddie. The sushi simply got the better of him. Gordon says that food is his calling though.  Who would have thought a former NFL star would go so far on Masterchef?     
     Eddie says that Natasha will be the winner.  Next week Lynn, Bri and Bime get a second chance and get to compete to come back.  I am curious as to why those three get the chance to come back.

     My thoughts on this week?  Well I thought that this week was by far the most humble we had seen Krissi since the auditions.  I personally would have picked different pairings, but it was definitely Luca's advantage not mine to choose.  As for the twist of who comes back next week, I'd guess that Lynn comes back, but who knows?  As for who will win, I could easily see a finale between Luca and Natasha.  Jessie is a very talented cook though, so it will be hard to take her out of the competition.  I personally just don't see Krissi winning this, but I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time.  I am sad to see Eddie eliminated, so now I am on Team Luca 100%.

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