Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Deep Down in the Heart of Texas…

James Avery Charm
     It seems like forever since I have written, I am a slacker I know.  I have been in Texas for the past few days and absolutely loving it!  Texas is will always be near and dear to my heart.  I love Texas, it is the best, full of great people, great food, and lots of things to see.  I have been spending time with my parents and absolutely loving it!  It seems that no matter where you go wherever your parents are is home, and that is always the best feeling.
     My birthday was last Tuesday, I turned 33, (I am getting old I know).  My mom bought me this sweet charm for my birthday, and I love it!  Texas will always have such a special place in my heart, I have learned so much in this great state.  I will be sharing pictures soon of my trip!  Tonight I get to make my dad a special birthday dinner and I am so excited for that opportunity!  Family time is the best time!

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