Friday, August 2, 2013

August is here! The First Annual Anne of Green Gables Cook Along…

edited anne of green gables
     August is here!  I love August and I try to celebrate the whole month because its my BIRTHDAY month!  I know, I know you are excited!  Every year since I was a little girl I have always read Anne of Green Gables, An Old Fashioned Girl and Pride and Prejudice in August.  I always felt like enjoying some of my favorite books.  This year I have decided to create the first annual Anne Of Green Gables Cook Along. 
     My amazing sister in law is part of the inspiration behind this project.  Several weeks ago she found the Anne of Green Gables Cookbook while thrifting, and sent this beauty my way.  I have planned numerous Anne of Green Gables inspired events in the past, but how fun would it be to have a whole month devoted to Anne of Green Gables recipes?  Sounds like a good way to me to celebrate my birth month!

     This month I will be cooking through this cookbook and sharing my own Anne of Green Gables inspired recipes as well.  Also there just might be an Anne of Green Gables birthday party featured.  So follow along and see what fun happens this month.

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