Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Bad Day For Vegetarians…Masterchef Week 13 Recap

Masterchef Challenges to new Heights     This week I actually got to watch Masterchef with my parents, which was quite the treat.  I have been visiting them, so I do apologize that my recap is so late in being posted.  The trip was wonderful, and full of good food.  I will share more about the trip soon!    
     We begin the episode with the the Top 6 on top of a huge building and we learn that Krissi is deathly afraid of heights. They are going to have their team challenge, the restaurant takeover.  I always like this challenge, it is very eye opening to see how certain people react to the restaurant environment.
     They will be responsible for taking over dinner service for one of Wolfgang Puck’s restaurants.  No pressure right?  There will be two teams, Bri and Natasha as the top two from last week get to be team captains.  Natasha gets to choose first.  Krissi is still hiding due to her fear of heights.
          Natasha picks Jessie, Bri picks James, Natasha picks Luca and Bri gets Krissi. Natasha is the red team and Bri is the Blue team.  Krissi has been on every losing team for team challenges, so at this point I feel as though I can already say that the blue team is doomed, but we will wait and watch.           They have to learn all the Wolfgang Puck 24 recipes and take over the kitchen and dining room.  Gordon and the other judges make it clear that they do not want to be embarrassed by the performance of the contestants.  You can see the contestants feeling completely overwhelmed.            In the appetizer period the red team is struggling with the scallops and sent out an order of raw scallops.  Then the blue team begins to struggle as well.  Both teams are really struggling, Graham is definitely not happy.           Krissi on the blue team is serving raw shrimp and really struggling.  She is also getting very agitated with her team.  Krissi may be a talented home cook, but I do not think that she is ready for a commercial kitchen.  Graham finally steps in to help Krissi on the Blue team she is dying on the vine that is for sure.           The losing team is blue team. The Red team won! Natasha, Jessie and Luca are safe.  Krissi has to compete in yet another pressure test.  Krissi has been on the losing team for every team challenge, so as a result she has been to more pressure tests than any other contestant.           For the pressure test they have to fix a plate of calamari with sauce.  Krissi is swearing up a storm as she cooks. Such a classy lady.  Bri is working very logically on her calamari.  James is cooking very methodically and smart.  Very interesting these three.           The tasting begins….           Bri is first, the batter is a bit thick, put alright, Graham says it’s a bit undercooked. Joe declares it too raw.           Krissi is next. Gordon wonders how this plate is going to keep her in the competition. Joe says the dough is almost like a street fair funnel cake.           James is next. His calamari is excellent, but his marinara sauce is sadly lacking.   James was the top performer he is now in the top 5. It is now between Bri and Krissi.     
     Krissi is safe and Bri is eliminated. The other contestants are very sad to see Bri eliminated again. Every one was hoping that Krissi was going to be eliminated.  I am sad to see Bri go, she was definitely a tenacious competitor.  I would have liked to see her go to the end.  I am still rooting for Luca and hoping that he goes all the was.  Only time can tell who will be in the finale.  

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