Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I Have Been Reading Wednesday, The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook…

edited anne of green gables
     I have one of the best sister in laws ever.  I am very lucky that my brothers married very well.  I am blessed with amazing sister in laws.  One particular sister in law was out thrifting (girl after my own heart), and came across this little treasure.  Like the amazing sister in law that she is she picked this up for me and sent it to me in the mail.  I love mailbox surprises too!
     So I have watched this book on Amazon for several years, truth be told I have wanted this cookbook for years, but it is extremely hard to find.  Right now to get a used one on Amazon it ranges anywhere between 40-100 dollars depending on the condition, if you are lucky you can find one for 40 dollars, but most listed are 100 dollars for a used paperback.  So as you can imagine it has caused some hesitation for me in acquiring this cookbook, yep a limited budget will get you every time.  As you probably know by now I am a HUGE Anne of Green Gables fan!  I was meant to have this cookbook!  So huge thanks to my sister in law for making this a reality for me.  Talk about a champion thrifter!
     My sister in law suggested that I feature this on my blog, and I definitely agree.  Actually this cookbook is going to be featured all next month.  My birthday is in August and I do love to celebrate my birthday all month long!  I read Anne of Green Gables every August and I have since I believe I was 8, it’s a tradition of mine.  I have so many happy memories of that book!  So in honor of my new cookbook I will be having the first annual Anne of Green Gables cook along.  I will be featuring some of the favorite recipes I find and celebrating my birthday in Prince Edward Island Victorian style.  More details are to come regarding the festivities of the month, but August is going to be a great month!
     I would love to hear your memories of birthdays, or your favorite books.  What are the books of your childhood?  Everyone has a favorite book that they read over and over, what is yours?


Petit Design Co. said...

holy crap! If I had known how much that book was worth I would have sold it on Etsy/eBay! LOL just kidding!

I'm glad it went to someone I knew would love it and it cost a whopping $2.50 - which for me is slightly high for such a small thrift store book, but I knew you would love it.

Love from Scratch said...

I made the old fashioned lemonade today from the book and watched Anne of Green Gables as I cut out fabric for a new quilt. I will love this cookbook! Awesome gift! I definitely love it!