Thursday, July 25, 2013

Masterchef Season 4 Week 9 Recap…Out in the middle of nowhere…

MasterChef Review
     Here we are, as begin the episode and there are 8 remaining cooks who are now stranded in the wilderness, Krissi is already whining, no surprise there. The 3 judges show up, the contestants have to cook a gourmet dish with the ingredients in the survival cases, there are 2 teams, captains are Bri & Natasha, as the winners from last week.          

     Bri picks James, Natasha picks Jordan, Bri picks Eddie, Natasha picks Jessie, Bri Picks Luca, and Natasha gets Krissi, who makes it clear yet once again how much she hates Bri. Now they realize that the Captains are trading teams. So Bri and Krissi are going to be on the same team.  That should be interesting.
     Bri is Blue team and Natasha is Red team. The captains each get to pick the animal protein, and Blue team has the rabbits, Red team has the pigeons. I personally would have picked the pigeons over rabbits, but that is just me.          

     Blue team is thinking if doing a Rabbit Pasta dish, while the Red team is struggling to come up with a concept for their pigeon dish. The Blue team was slow to get the rabbits braised, so it is questionable if it will be done in time.          

     The tasting begins and the Blue team-Braised Rabbit Ragu with mushrooms and carrots. The judges like the pasta, the rabbit is delicious, but they think they need some more seasonings           The Red Team made Roasted Pigeon, Farro Risotto, and baby carrots, the judges are impressed and said that Eddie cooked the pigeons perfectly.  Way to go Eddie!          

     The judges will send a smoke signal of the winning color.  The red team wins!          

     Bri, Jessie, Jordan, and Krissi are going to the pressure test. The Red team gets to pick one person to be safe from the pressure test.  They decide to save Krissi because they feel that they can beat her later on. Krissi says that she is saved cause they know how good she is and that she’ll dominate the pressure test no matter what so she’s safe regardless.  Love the modesty Krissi, it is truly inspiring!          
     For the pressure test they have to make 6 éclairs. They only have 60 minutes to do it.  This is Jessie’s very first pressure test, poor Jessie.  This is a hard pressure test too, as they can be so temperamental.           

     Krissi makes it known that she hates Bri yet once again, and wants her eliminated.  Krissi doesn’t seem to like anyone though, so Bri, chin up you are in good company my friend!          

     Tasting Begins          

     Bri’s look flat, aren’t filled as much as they should, needed to be cooked longer. Gordon says they need work. Graham comments that they don’t look consistent. Joe declares them to be raw and soggy.          
     Jordan- Graham says these ones do look consistent, the filling looks good, but a little on the sweet side.  I think Jordan will completely safe on this one, it will be between Bri and Jessie.     

     Jessie-Joe says they look flat, she didn’t get them filled all the way through, or even close, most of the eclairs are lacking filling, Joe comments that the chocolate is very bitter. Graham tells her that she is failing at her first pressure test.          

     Bri is eliminated. Bad day for Vegetarians.     
     My thoughts on this episode, first and foremost, I really don’t like the new format.  One hour of new material only every week?  Come on FOX!  I need my 2 hour Masterchef fix!  Aside from that, as usual I am disappointed by Krissi’s bad attitude and profanity.  I wish certain people got more air time, but with the one hour format, I have to concede that FOX is doing its best.  Next week they get to see their families, so that should be a very interesting episode.  I was sad to see Bri eliminated because I feel she was talented, and a good sport, and acted like a class act.  Hopefully she does great in whatever she chooses to pursue.

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