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Masterchef Season 4 Week 7 Recap….I hate a bully!

Eva Longoria Masterchef picture
     Week 7 is beginning, and we have the top 11 contestants entering the Masterchef kitchen. This week we will enter into the top 10 realm. I am curious to see who is eliminated this week. The contestants are jumping right into a mystery box challenge, and see the largest mystery box ever. As the box begins to come off, it is obvious that there is a person inside that box, Eva Longoria is today’s guest judge.           

     Eva hand picked a Mexican mystery box for the contestants. Ingredients include shrimp, jalapeno, cilantro, pork tenderloin, corn, avocados, limes, and so much more. I would have loved this mystery box! It must be the Texan in me, but these are some of my favorite ingredients.     
     The top three are announced, they really didn’t show too many of the chefs cooking during the challenge, so at this point I am very curious to see who the top 3 would be. The top 3 are Bri, good day for vegetarians, Natasha apparently doesn’t see a vegetarian in the top 10, sour grapes Natasha, Gordon says it is her best dish yet, Eva calls is a beautiful job. Joe says she nailed it.
     Second dish Eddie, Graham says he nailed it, Eva says the tenderloin is the best cooked pork. Third person is Savannah, Joe praises her plating skills, Eva says the spice was perfect. All of the dishes are looking good to me, course I am hungry right now.          

     The winner was Bri! Natasha looks bummed, it’s a good day for vegetarians! I like Bri. Natasha sure seems to not like a ton of people. There has been more drama this season than any other season, which is sad. I do not like drama.          

     Bri will follow the judges into the pantry to learn about her advantage in the upcoming challenge. Bri learns that she will not be cooking in the elimination challenge, she gets to choose one basket for one competitor and the other basket will be for the other 9 competitors.          

     The first basket we will call the dessert basket, includes banana, strawberry, cream, sugar and more. This basket gets 1hr of cooking time value is about 5 bucks at Walmart. Definitely has some great stuff, but is geared towards a competent baker.          

     The second basket has lots of veggies and a steak, with 30 min cooking time and is around 25 bucks at Walmart. Both baskets are easy in some ways, and in other ways difficult, I am very curious to see how all of this will pan out.          

     Bri is in the top 10 so guess Natasha was wrong, a vegetarian can make it into the top 10. Bri decided to give the second basket to Natasha, interesting decision. Gave the baking baskets to everyone else, since they aren’t strong bakers, gave the non baking basket to Natasha who is a strong baker. Natasha is peeved. No surprise there.          

     It appears that Lynn is struggling with his baking basket. Wants to do a pavlova, but it just isn’t coming together. Natasha is as usual feeling confident, again no surprise there. The tastings is begin.          
     Luca first with a banana crème Cake with a strawberry compote. He is not feeling confident. Joe says it is pretty good. I love Luca! Gordon says that it has a nice crust and tastes quite nice, Graham says it is pretty tasty. Looks like Luca will be safe.          

     Lynn next, with a baked meringue that looks horrific, if has a grayish banana puree on it. Gordon says it is tasting rancid, calls it the worst dish in 4 years of Masterchef. You can’t help but feel bad for Lynn he is obviously uncomfortable and embarrassed.          

     Savannah made a banana meringue pie, looks pretty, but Graham is not impressed. Jessie did a shortbread tart. Gordon calls it delicious and declares her a serious contender. James has a fried banana and a custard, Joe doesn’t like it          

     Krissi has strawberry muffins that look nasty Joe thinks that they are nasty. Big mistake for Krissi, she added strawberry gelatin into her muffins and it backfired big time.  Natasha is finally get her turn, a steak with sweet potato fries and cauliflower. Gordon says she did a good job, I am sure that she will be safe.  Jessie is the winner and the only team captain in the next challenge          

     Bottom 3 are James, Lynn and Krissi, interesting since all have been considered front runners.  Lynn was eliminated and is not in the top 10, that was a shocker actually. Everyone looks shocked. Gordon tells Lynn that he is still meant for cooking and needs to pursue it.     
     They now all go to the beach to watch Gordon and Joe on the Sea Dunes, then comes in Graham in a Speedo. I love that they are all such good sports They are at Huntington Beach aka Surf City USA.
     They have to feed 101 hungry surfers They have to make fish tacos, they have 60 min prep. Krissi thinks that surfers are unemployed weirdos, and wonders what they even eat. I guess to Krissi the surfers are whole other species.
     Jessie gets to pick 4 people for her team, and the remaining 5 are the other team and she gets to pick the captain for that team. Jessie picks James, Eddie, Bethy, Natasha. This will be the blue team.          
     The other team is Luca, Bri, Krissi, Jordan, Savannah. She picks Savannah to be the team captain. This will be the red team. Should be very interesting on this one. I can see advantages and disadvantages to both teams.           

      Jessie’s blue team is thinking Mahi Mahi fish taco, with a roasted pineapple and habanero hot sauce. Savannah’s red team is doing Cod, and doesn’t want to season her slaw, Jordan is frustrated with that. James sauce is a little on the hot side in the beginning, he’s taming it down though.            The service begins and soon the blue team is running out of tacos they aren’t moving quickly enough and orderly. The surfers have very mixed opinions on whose food is better. The Red Team is now falling behind, and struggling. The surfers begin to vote, who knows who will win. Blue Team wins!!! Red Team goes to the pressure test.         

     Krissi complains cause she has never been on the winning team, of course Krissi has to start swearing yet once again. Krissi says that she is sick of pressure tests. You know what I am sick of Krissi, you’re bad attitude and potty mouth, but that’s just me, actually looking on Facebook and Twitter it certainly isn’t just me.           

     The Blue winning team all get tickets to the MLB all-star game, and Jerseys for their home team, they are going to NYC to see the game with Graham. Luca is a huge baseball fan and is discouraged that he isn’t going to get to go.          

     Everyone seems to think that Krissi was the weakest performer. The Red team gets to pick one person who will be safe from the pressure test. Luca doesn’t think this conversation will be healthy. Good assumption Luca, I think you are right on the money on that one buddy. Krissi of course starts cussing in the conversation, and Bri finally calls her out for her behavior! Way to go Bri! Jordan is declared safe from the test          

     For the pressure test they have to do 3 chicken dishes in 40 minutes, one sautéed (Gordon), one southern fried(Graham), and one stuffed(Joe). The timing will have to be perfect, but they can do it.     
     Bri has never cooked Chicken, Luca and Savannah have never made fried Chicken. Luca says that Krissi needs to go home cause everyone is sick and tired of her. Krissi says that everyone is out to get her. Life is rough. Wahh!          

     Bri is definitely struggling. Not a good day for vegetarians. Krissi says that Bri is the epitome of the girls that she beat up in high school, yikes! Yes she is definitely a classy lady! Bully! Boo Krissi! But seriously Krissi, were you beating up girls in high school or is that just an act? I am curious. I wonder if her persona is for the TV, or if that exists in real life as well. I hope not because there is never any excuse for bullying ever. I am so disappointed by this revelation of hers.          

     Tasting begins          

     Savannah first, the sautéed one is bland, the southern fried completely underdone, the stuffed is the best of the 3 but Joe says that isn’t saying much.          

     Krissi is next, the sautéed one is slightly underdone, the southern fried is good, the stuffed a little meager on the stuffing, says it is passable though.          

     Luca, the sautéed one overcooked and a bit fry, the southern fried chicken is slightly underdone, but flavor is good. The stuffed is raw, poor Luca.          

     Bri is next, the sautéed is underdone, but seasoning is perfect, the southern fried is really raw, the stuffed is cooked completely correctly.          

     Krissi is declared safe and gets to continue on, she can continue to bully and threatening to fight and punch people for another day.          
     Luca is declared safe, Yay Luca!  Bottom 2 are Savannah and Bri.  Bri is safe, Savannah is going home, guess it was an okay day for vegetarians after all.  Savannah was a class act in how she handled herself.     
     My thoughts on this week, I love the baskets for the elimination challenge and would have had fun with any of those ingredients. I though Eva Longoria did a nice job on the show, I actually like her, and I do respect what she does in her kitchen and in her restaurants. The big disappointment for me of the week was losing Lynn, and then finding out about Krissi’s violent bullying past. That just turns my stomach. Bullying is never okay, that is something I feel so strongly and passionate about, so hearing that just made my heart sink.

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