Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy Culinarian Day!

Parisian Strawberry Cheesecake
     Happy Culinarian Day!  I am sure that its another one of those holidays that I celebrate that you don’t even know exist.  Whether you know about this holiday or not, it’s a pretty cool day.  It’s a day where we celebrate the Culinarians in our lives. 
     So what exactly is a Culinarian?  A culinarian is a cook or chef, doesn't matter if they are professional or not, or any culinary arts enthusiast.  Definitely a lot of people can be categorized as a culinarian.  So this is a day for all of us.  I thought long and hard about how to really celebrate Culinarian Day, and didn’t come up with too many answers, except to make sure you do some sort of culinary indulgence today, no matter how small or trivial it may seem.  It could be trying a new recipe, or buying a new cookbook, or kitchen gadget you’ve had your eye on.  Trying a new food in the market, or checking out a new local restaurant.  So many different ways to celebrate the culinarians in our life, and such a fun holiday!
     So how have I personally decided to celebrate Culinarian Day?  I have decided to also pay homage to my heritage as well and to begin to tackle my stack of family and friend recipes that I have accumulated.  I am always the one known to ask for recipes everywhere I go.  I have been blessed that there are some pretty amazing cooks in my family, and I have met lots of super talented cooks along the way.  It seems that everyone has a “signature dish”, and I love that.  Everyone should have a signature dish.  I have spent years accumulating the signature dishes of family, friends and so many more.  Today I am working of putting them into some semblance of order, so that I can preserve these.  I have always felt that preserving family recipes was a ways of preserving family history. so I encourage you to find those signature recipes of your family and make sure that they are documented so the recipes can live on, and that the heritage is preserved.

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