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And the recap is up! Masterchef Week 8 Recap, the joy of sausage!

Masterchef Season 4
     I have to start off by saying that this week’s format was different than I was expecting, it was two hours, but the first hour was a recap of last week’s episode.  The second hour was the only new material this week, which made it interesting, only one person new left this week,, and only one mystery box challenge, one elimination challenge, but not any (new) team challenges.  So that was interesting this week.  At first I thought that this will make this week’s recap substantially shorter, so I guess we will have to see what happens.
     We begin with the Mystery Box Challenge. Inside the mystery box is a meat grinder. The 9 remaining contestants will be making their own sausages, yeah this isn’t going to be good for the vegetarian, oh wait they have vegetarian proteins as well. 60 minutes to make the sausage and feature it in an entrée. I will be very curious to see how Bri does with this challenge. I expect the best things from Eddie and James, but who knows?      

     I love sausage, and I love to make sausage, I would have loved this challenge. Sausage making isn’t tough per say, but you cannot rush the process. If you do, it will cause tears in the casing or it won’t seal correctly and you will be left with deconstructed sausage. Which is definitely tasty, but not what the judges are looking for.      

     Eddie is a natural with the grilling, he seems to be a champ at this, I am curious to see how this pans out. Luca seems to be struggling, one of the links exploded on him. Natasha seems very confident (as usual). They don’t show too much of what Jordan and James are doing, and they barely show Bri, who is the one I am most curious about in this challenge.      

     If it was me I would have made a pork sausage with apple and fennel with tarragon and thyme. With garlic mashed potatoes on the side, and a honey mustard sauce, nothing fancy, but it would be delicious. Actually, just thinking of that makes me hungry.      

     The tasting Begins, and they pick the top 3 they want to try…      

     Natasha’s Plate the judges love, all think it is very well done and smart.      

     Eddie- his plate looks delicious. I would definitely eat that in a heartbeat! Graham declares it stellar, Gordon says that it is delicious enough for his gastro pub.      

     Krissi- Italian Sausage with Polenta, Joe says it is very well done. I still don’t understand why so often it is always Joe that tries her food, it just makes me wonder.      

     The winner gets a huge advantage in the elimination test, and the winner is… Eddie! Yay Eddie! He gets to follow the judges into the pantry and learn his advantage for the elimination test. There are 3 ingredients to choose from, Ham, Mushrooms, Shrimp all great ingredients. The 1st advantage is that Eddie is safe from elimination and doesn’t have to cook. Secondly, he gets to pick the ingredients that the contestants have to cook. He picks Mushrooms, and learns that he gets to pick which half gets fresh, and which half gets canned, should be interesting.      

     Eddie seems to be a champion at strategy, so he always makes very interesting decisions, and there are reasons for each and every decision. He decides that those getting fresh are: Bethy Bri, Jordan and James. Which leaves the others getting canned: Luca, Jessie, Krissi and Natasha Mushrooms are tricky, cause if you aren’t careful you will overpower the mushrooms and they won’t be the star of the dish, and you will have failed at the objective. Restraint I think will be key in this challenge.      

     And the Tasting Begins…      

     Bethy- (fresh) makes Asian noodles with mushrooms, Graham says the sesame and ginger overpowered the mushrooms, Joe thinks that the mushrooms aren’t the right ones for an Asian dish, but scream Eurocentric. Gordon says that she made a mistake with the flavors.       

     Natasha (canned) mushroom ravioli- Joe says the tarragon covers the “canny taste”, Gordon declares it a good job. The plating on this dish was really nice as well. She played it smart, and it looks like that will definitely work to her advantage.      

     James (fresh)- Mushroom Chowder- Graham says it is too heavy. Joe says it’s too salty and over seasoned. He appears to have overdone the mushroom and lost its star appeal, which was what Eddie was planning on happening.      

     Jessie (canned) Mushroom Risotto and pancetta and leeks- Gordon declares in smart, it looked good too. I am actually impressed she was able to compose such a smart dish and elevate canned mushrooms to such an impressive dish. Nicely done Jessie!      

     Luca (canned)- Cream of Mushroom Soup- Graham says its way too thick, says it is good, but doesn’t like the truffle oil. While the dish wasn’t amazing, I still think it was good enough that Luca will be safe to cook another day. And of course I will root for Luca till the very end!      

     Krissi (canned)- mushroom casloluet- Joe says good effort, see what I mean? He always tries her food! Krissi as usual has had a bad attitude and potty mouth, but she’s going to be safe for another day it looks like.      

     Bri- (fresh) a walk through the forest, not quite sure what that is, but it looked amazing. Krissi goes on an angry tirade about how much she hates Bri and wants to hurt her. Seriously, someone get Krissi an anger management counselor or something, that just isn’t healthy. Graham declares it one of the best things she has done yet. Joe says it is fabulous. Krissi is mad as usual, and the profanity and eye rolling continues.      

     Jordan (fresh) mushroom ravioli, Joe says he hid the beauty of the mushrooms, and the pasta was incorrect. Eddie thought Jordan would overthink the ingredient, and Eddie was right on the money.

     Have to say Eddie is very smart with his strategy. He played to peoples weaknesses perfectly. I don’t think he was planning on tripping up Bethy as much as this is, so that seems to be a bit of a surprise for him.      

     The winning dish is Bri! Great day for vegetarians, of course Krissi is mad, runner up was Natasha. Both will be team captains in the next team challenge. I will be very curious about next week’s team challenge with all of the drama that has been going on surrounding Krissi.      

     The bottom 3 are; Jordan, James, and Bethy. James is safe, now its Jordan and Bethy. Bethy is eliminated, Jordan is safe. Joe says if he has to pick one person in the room to work for him it would be her because of her work ethic and consistency. I really like Bethy, I am sorry to see her go because she is definitely very talented. Gordon asks her who will win and she declares Jessie.
     My thoughts on this week’s episode; 1st I have to say I would have loved to compete in both of these challenges, 2 of my favorite ingredients! Secondly I am still sick of Krissi’s profanity and angry tirades, clearly it is getting old for all of us. I have to say I have zero clue as to who will be in the final 2, but please don’t let Krissi win, that is all I ask.

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