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Masterchef Season 4 Week 3 Recap, Back to School Time!

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     Another week has come and gone, and here Chloe and I are, ready to watch another week of Masterchef. Some of you have asked, yes, my dog watches Masterchef, she loves it. Week Three begins with all of the contestants on the Masterchef School Bus, with Graham acting as bus driver, hat and all.
     The first team challenge requires both teams to fix school lunch for 301 kids. As Gordon explains the task, is it just me or does Graham look like an overgrown school kid? Collared Shirt, glasses, sweatervest and backpack. Anyway, time to pick the teams.     

     Jessie and Jordan were the top two from last week so they were team captains. Jessie got to choose firsts. Jessie became the red team captain and chose Lynn. Apparently Lynn is a popular guy, cause that is who Jordan as captain of the blue team wanted first as well. Jessie said she wanted him for his plating abilities. While that definitely is a talent, I don’t know that it is that important when it comes to making lunch for kids. Oh well. Also interesting, cause he has had almost zero camera time, but is a hot commodity in the team challenge. Kind of strange.     

     Jordan picks Savannah first, then Jessie picks Bethy, then back to Jordan with James. Eddy, Bime, Jonny, Natasha, Krissi, Bri, Adriana, Luca, Beth and Howard are all picked. The last two to be picked are Malcom and Kathy. The good news is that Natasha and Krissi are on separate teams. Call me a pessimist, but I just don’t picture those ladies playing nicely in the sandbox together.     

     Jordan’s blue team wants to make meatballs, and spaghetti with green beans and an apple crisp. This means the blue team has to make 600 meatballs. The meatballs prove to be far more labor intensive than they anticipated, so they scratch it and make meat sauce.     

     Jessie’s red team wants to make chicken teriyaki with rice and corn and a strawberry crumble. Malcom and Lynn on the red team appear to have a hard time cooking chicken on their flat top. What would I have done? Chicken tenders, potato wedges and spiced apples and mixed veg, and a cookie.     

     Gordon goes and visits the kids to assess their food preferences. Everyone likes spaghetti and chicken, however they don’t seem to know what chicken teriyaki is. Should be interesting to say the least. Blue team’s green beans aren’t cooking, this leaves James clueless.     

     Apparently the contestants are surprised at how loud kids are. Yep, it’s a school years with kids and food and TV cameras, it is going to be loud boys and girls. 300 kids are a handful. The kids are the ones that will ultimately pick the winning team, they will try both plates and then decide the better school lunch. 58% of the votes went to the red team, with 42% going to the blue team.     

     Krissi is a sore loser, ready to attack Jordan, she blames bad leadership. No surprise that she doesn’t take losing gracefully. Jordan thinks that the inexperience in serving large crowds is what caused the loss. (probably a very valid point) 9 are on the team, but only 6 get to compete in the pressure test. The person who picks who sits out this pressure test and picks 3 to be safe is going to be Jordan as team captain.     

     Jordan picks Howard first, then James, Jordan says he doesn’t want to face James in the pressure test. Joe reminds Jordan that he can choose to save himself, Jordan reminds us that is a competition and he does take it for himself.     

     Krissi calls it a b**** move, says he has no honor and says in her neighborhood it would get you hurt. She says captain goes down with the ship. While I can understand your point Krissi, please seriously try to keep it classy. No more profanity and vulgar hand gestures, it bothers me. You are coming off as crass and vulgar, please be a lady! No more rooting for you Krissi, but I still think your son is a cutie.     

     The pressure test is cheesecake….Eddie has never made cheesecake and doesn’t even like cheesecake. Who doesn’t like cheesecake? Come on Eddie, I need you to do well, I am rooting for you! Each station has the needed ingredients, and there is a limited pantry if they want to make a cheesecake with pizazz.     

     Gordon is expecting a lot from Savannah and Krissi as bakers, worries that Eddie doesn’t have the technical skills to make a good cheesecake. Not expecting much from Jonny either. Come on Gordon, have faith in the boys, they might prove you wrong. An ex-NFL player may be able to bake an amazing cheesecake after all.     

      Adriana is using guava paste in her cheesecake. That doesn’t even sound good. I’m confused at that flavor profile. Eddie’s oven is now smoking and smells like something is burning.  Eddie is afraid he is the one going home. His pan is dripping has to cover the bottom of the pan with aluminum tinfoil way to go Macgyver! Which by the way MacGyver was one of the greatest shows ever, totally miss it. Way to problem solve Eddie, I am still rooting for you!     

     Let the tastings begin!     

     Krissi-her cheesecake has raspberry bombs, they look like poops (sorry I know that is gross, but it does). The cheesecake fell a bit. Joe still likes it and says nice things about and says she gives him food he is used to having at home. Graham and Gordon like it and give rave reviews and call her a force to be reckoned with. Krissi feels everyone should be scared of her. I still think those raspberry bombs looked foul and those things scare me.     

     Jonny- Cheesecake with pineapple and coconut, Joe declares it a miss     

     Kathy- cheesecake with blueberry blackberry compote, Graham likes it.     

     Eddie-Vanilla bean cheesecake with berry compote, lets see how his MacGyver skills paid off for him. Gordon comments of berry bleed, but says it’s a bloody good effort Way to go Eddie    

     Savannah made a caramel cheesecake, Graham blasts it. Joe says that cake will help Jonny stay in the competition. Joe is amazingly direct with Savannah, poor Savannah!  Not looking good for her.     

     Adriana- cheesecake with canned guava paste with mango and coconut. I must have missed the coconut on cheesecake memo. They don’t like the fruit topping, the judges aren’t a fan. Joe says the crust is like sand, says that this cheesecake may have given Savannah one more chance in the Masterchef Kitchen. I like Adriana, but it isn’t looking good for her.     

     Eddie, Krissi and Kathy are all safe. Jonny is still safe too. Savannah and Adriana are in the bottom two. Adriana is sent home, she is eliminated. She isn’t asked who she thinks the next Masterchef will be though.     

     Can I just say I am loving the 2 hour format this season? Kathy is now calling herself a loudmouth from the Bronx….interesting cause next to Krissi she isn’t loud at all. But if you say so Kathy, you can be the loudmouth from the Bronx.     

     Now we are on to the Mystery Box Challenge, where they will be cooking along side Gordon Ramsay. Yep they are going to be completely out of their element. He is a culinary genius! The Mystery Box contains; black cod, shitake mushrooms, cauliflower, soy, miso paste, rice wine vinegar, black and white sesame seeds, baby beets, and ginger. All in all a really great box, one could do an awful lot with that.     

     They have 60 Minutes to make the dish. Gordon is supposed to be cooking right with them, but he hasn’t even started yet, he is enjoying his coffee or tea and chilling. I guess he is trying to make a point, or just conserving his energy. Not sure. James thinks he is going to give Gordon a run for his money. Bold words James, I hope you don’t have to eat them.     

     Half of the time is over, Gordon finally begins to cook his dish, Joe and Graham are curious to see what he makes. He busily starts doing his thing. I am curious too I have to admit. Time is up and Gordon goes first, black cod with sesame seed crust and cauliflower. Graham declares it inspiring, everyone gets to taste it.     

     They are now picking the 3 stand out dishes, one stood out as appalling, someone plate raw fish, that was…oh of course it’s a commercial break. I seriously hate commercials. So the contestants are on Facebook and posting spoilers themselves! GRR!!! I haven’t even seen Krissi’s dish yet, but apparently she must be safe, cause she goes on to cook in the cupcake challenge, which now I know there is a cupcake challenge. So much for wondering what is going to happen. Next week I won’t be on Facebook as I watch that is for sure.     

     I hate spoilers, unless of course you are Reality Steve. Then you just save me time on watching Bachelor or Bachelorette if I don’t have to. Thank you Reality Steve for saving me from wasting my time! Much appreciated! Plus I do feel like I lose a few brain cells every time I watch that show.     

     Back from commercial break we learn that the person who plated raw fish was…Howard, ouch Howard. Not good buddy! Joe gets angry about it and throws it out. I like Howard, I am still hoping for the best for him.     

     The three best are; 1) James, James is very pleased. Black cod with cauliflower puree, and a salad. Joe likes it. Graham likes is calls it one of the best things he has had in awhile. Gordon loves it too. The 2nd person is Beth, Graham says it is similar to what Gordon made. Graham declares it delicious, Gordon says he is excited. The 3rd person is Luca, Gordon says the glaze was amazing. Joe declares the sauce amazing. Joe says that Luca made him proud. Way to go Luca! The plate did look delicious. Can I just say I will root for Luca till the very end, I like him!     

     Natasha looks ticked with her folded arms not getting in the top three. Or she could be ticked that she gets almost zero air time this week. I mean none whatsoever. We don’t see any of her dishes her one on ones, and mercifully so, don’t have to hear about how pretty she is.     

     The winner is…seriously these commercial breaks stink! The winner is…Luca! Yay Luca! As winner he gets to control the elimination test, they are going to have to make desserts, 24 cookies, 12 cupcakes or 1 classic layer cake. Luca is also safe from elimination. He gets to pick what the others make, he picks cupcakes obviously…thanks for spoiling that Krissi! GRRR!!! The last advantage is that he gets to remove the mixer from someone’s station, that will kill someone’s time management. Who will he choose? Luca takes it from Jordan, he says it due to him saving himself in the pressure test.     

     Bethy makes tons of cupcakes apparently in real life, Bime doesn’t. Jordan is peeved, and pounding that butter to make his batter. What would I make??? Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, traditional but amazing! OR a salted caramel filled chocolate cupcake, yummy! They have 90 minutes to do 12 cupcakes     

     Bethy is making three different flavors of cupcakes. Jordan says he is out of his comfort zone. Malcom is making a drunken banana cupcake, that mixture looks nasty. Not sure about that one. Bime is keeping is simple-good plan, he isn’t a baker so he wants to keep it simple. Jessie the judges have high hopes for. Her chocolate rise, the vanilla not so much. Make another batch Jessie, those look way too tiny to present.     

     Bethy looks like a hot mess, flour and sugar all over her, but it looks like she is also going to be a force to be reckoned with. What are Natasha and Krissi doing? No one focuses on them. Not sure what Beth, Bri, Lynn, or Eddie are doing, we don’t see them in this part at all.     

     Well now we are on to the judging and tasting. Howard is first with vanilla bean cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream frosting. He says that he doesn’t make cupcakes apparently. Most army guys don’t. Now yet another commercial break. *sigh* Can I say how much I love the new Progressive Commercial with the Minons from Despicable Me? So excited for Despicable 2! Love them!     

     Commercials over and back to Howard, Joe tries them first, Joes calls them light and airy. Says good job, good cause he needed something to save him after that fish debacle.     

     Next up is Malcom, with buttermilk cupcakes, with banana filling. Graham tries first, declared them eggy. Gordon calls them weird and strange, calls them gross. Sorry Malcom doesn’t look good.     

     Bime- Vanilla cupcake with Vanilla and chocolate frosting. Graham says they are great then on to

     Kathy with vanilla cupcakes, with chocolate peanut butter on the bottom, extremely bright Spiderman colored cupcakes. Seriously that frosting is foul, sorry Kathy    

     Bethy- Banana Foster Cupcake, Raspberry Limeade, Almond Chocolate Cupcake. They look amazing! Declared amazing as well. Way to go Bethy. Clearly she does know a thing or two about cupcakes.     

      Jessie is now up with her baby cupcakes, tiny ones, vanilla bean and chocolate coffee cupcakes. Joe calls them a let down. What Southern girl doesn’t make Red Velvet? Gordon calls them dry and her worst performance yet. Poor Jessie. Still rooting for you though!   Malcom is posting Facebook spoilers, saying how sorry he is and he tried his best. Are you eliminated Malcom? Poor Malcom. Yep, next week definitely logging out of Facebook BEFORE the show starts!     

     Jordan is next with his made by hand vanilla bean cupcakes. Luca gets to taste them, as the person who took away his stand mixer. Luca declares him 100% safe and wants to keep his cupcake. Luca congratulates Jordan on a job well done. I love that they had a grown up interaction about all of this. Thanks for keeping it classy and having good sportsmanship. I will root for both of you.     

     The top 2 are Bime and Bethy, they will be team captains in the next team challenge. Bethy was number one. Nice job Bethy! The three worst ones were; Malcom, Kathy, and Jessie. Jessie and Malcom are in the bottom 2, Malcom goes home. Yep, stupid Facebook spoilers.     

     Overall this was a great episode, and I am looking forward to next week, when they cook for the Fire Department! So far rooting for several, disappointed in a few, and wondering when some will ever get camera time! Tune in next week!

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