Thursday, June 20, 2013

Masterchef Season 4 Week 5 Recap…Poor Sportsmanship and Hypocrisy

     My trusty dog Chloe and I are ready to watch week 5 of Masterchef, and we are excited to see what happens this week. I have already logged off of Facebook and Twitter so I shouldn’t have any spoilers like I have the past several weeks.      

     The week opens with the contestants waiting in the Masterchef kitchen to see if Luca or Kathy are returning from last week’s elimination pressure test. As we already know Luca stayed and Kathy went home. Krissi is crying to see Kathy eliminated, apparently Kathy was the only person she liked. The contestants are happy to see Luca for the most part, and I don’t know that many are surprise to see him there, since it was really such a close competition between him and Kathy.
     We jump right into the mystery box challenge, featuring ethnic ingredients from all over the world, the contestants need to figure out for themselves what the ingredients are. Elk, salt cured tuna. Okinawa sweet potatoes, cod liver, canned baby eels, Chinese moss, there are other ingredients as well, but I am not quite sure what they are, the cameraman doesn’t seem to be showing all the ingredients this week like they usually do.      

     Most of the contestants have no idea what any of the ingredients are, this is going to be tough for lots of them. Lynn gets some camera time, we actually get to see a bit of him (I know it is about time!). I’ve decided I actually quite like Lynn, yay for getting camera time Lynn! Hopefully we see some of him this episode and learn why people are always picking him first.      

     Jordan is being smart, he takes a few moments to eat a bite of all of the ingredients and learning the tastes and textures that he will be dealing with. Because of this Jordan seems to be able to identify and use most of the ingredients, Bime and Eddie seem to be doing well too. The guys might dominate on this mystery box challenges.      

     Now for tasting…      

     The Top 3 Standouts are: Eddie (yay Eddie!), Jordan is already calling it a safe dish and having sour grapes, anyway it was elk flank steak with Okinawa sweet potato puree and greens. It looked delicious. Next in the top 3 is Jordan, with a cold salad. Graham likes it, Jordan guessed on what all of the ingredients were. His strategy definitely served him well. Last in the top 3 is Bime, a version of surf and turf, baby eels with elk flank steak greens and the Okinawa sweet potato puree. The winner of the mystery box is Eddie! Yay Eddie! Eddie is another one that I think needed more air time so this is good, we’ll see more of Eddie and Lynn this episode.      

     Eddie follows the judges to learn about his advantage. They go the Masterchef pantry. The elimination challenge is pastas with fillings (stuffed or filled pastas). Eddie will not have to cook in the elimination challenge, and gets to pick what everyone else has to do. He chooses agnolotti, they get a demonstration done by Lidia Bastianich, Joe’s Mom, the queen of Italian cooking herself. Now that is a woman that knows Italian Cooking!      

     One more twist, the 3rd advantage that Eddie gets to choose which 2 people miss the cooking demonstration. That’s a tough one, he picks James & Lynn. Poor Guys have to miss the demonstration. Eddie was smart in his decision, he was definitely using strategy. He states that he feels Lynn learns a ton by watching and asking questions and that without a demo Lynn would really suffer. Looks like Eddie really has been taking notes on the competition.      

     60 minutes to complete the dish, that’s a tough challenge! Everyone seems to want to do their own spin on agnolotti. I am not sure how I feel about that. Lidia Bastianich seems to be a traditionalist, I would not have the guts to go out on too much of a limb with her around.      

     Joe goes around to some of the stations with his mother visiting with contestants. Jonny wants to make a smoked maple syrup alfredo sauce, that sounds weird, I don’t know about that. Lidia reminds Jonny that Italians don’t even have maple syrup so that might not be a good choice. Jonny assures that it will be a good choice. She appears completely unconvinced of that. Krissi gets giddy when she meets Lydia, actually the most likeable I have seen Krissi the entire time. Maybe Krissi will be on good behavior this episode, we can all hope.      

     Beth forgot to put the lid on her water pot so the water isn’t boiling, it is not looking good for Beth. Why aren’t they showing much of Luca? I am curious to see that he creates, I also want to particularly see Bri, she is another one we do not see too much of.      

     Now the tasting begins..      

     James made agnolotti a la vodka, the flavor was good, not amazing, but I think he’ll be safe enough. He did actually quite well, especially considering he didn’t get a demonstration. Lynn was next his agnolotti was under seasoned, and the pasta thickness was weird. He definitely suffered not being to watch Lidia and learn from her instruction. Eddie was smart picking him, and Lynn acknowledges that Eddie made a smart, strategic choice.      

     Jonny is next, lets check out that maple alfredo sauce. Lidia says the maple doesn’t work, says that there isn’t harmony. Jonny is in trouble for his sauce, he might not be safe.      

     Next up Jessie, who apparently Krissi says she is sick of. Krissi says she is sick of perfect southern belle Jessie, who can do no wrong. I had not spotted that rift yet, but Krissi does not seem to like anyone, so I am not surprised. Gordon says that Jessie is there because she cooks well not because she looks good, Krissi of course glares and rolls her eyes. Krissi seems to be lacking good sportsmanship skills.      

     Krissi is next Lidia says her dish is good, and Krissi looks elated. Lidia is Krissi’s cooking idol so this was definitely validating for her to be able to cook for her.      

     Next we have Beth who has pasta that is undercooked. Graham says she is in danger of going home. Beth looks as though she is on the verge of tears. Poor Beth, she seems so sweet, I’d hate to see her go home on this challenge.      

     Now we have Howard, Lidia says the peppers and jalapeno aren’t harmonious, he strikes out. Joe is frustrated, and says that Howard isn’t trying and playing the game right. Joe and Howard battle it out, Howard is on Joe’s poop list. Not looking good for Howard.      

     Top 2 are: Krissi and Jessie, the top dish was: Jessie...Krissi looks ticked now. Yeah Krissi isn’t a very good sport, she needs to work on that. They are going to be the captains in the upcoming team challenge. Should be interesting. Who will Krissi pick? She can’t seem to get along with anyone, so this might be a real challenge for her.      

     Instead of a bottom three this week there is a bottom four: Jonny, Lynn, Howard and Beth. Jonny and Beth are declared safe, its now down to Howard and Lynn. Poor Lynn, he seems like a nice guy, it would be sad for him to finally get air time and then be sent home. I am rooting for you now Lynn, stay around for awhile!     

     Gordon says that the eliminated contestant knows who they are and that they should take off their apron and dismiss themselves in a dignified manner. Howard was eliminated. I would have been nervous if I was Lynn, I’d be wondering whether or not it was me. Gordon has done that before in a previous season, and I have to say I hate that, how does the person who stays really know whether or not they are supposed to stay? I’d be so nervous and I’d probably end up dismissing myself on accident.      

     On to the Team Challenge...      

     The Teams get to cook for the cast and crew of Glee. You know I have never actually watched an episode of Glee. Maybe I need to put that on my to do list, maybe not. They go to Paramount Studios, Eddie is stoked for it, he loves Forest Gump and the Godfather which were both shot principally there.      

     Bri is the first to recognize that they are on the set of Glee when they line up to learn about their challenge. I like Bri’s cute hipster vibe. I hope she does well. They are serving lunch to over 100 members of the cast of Glee      

     Jessie and Krissi don’t get to pick their teams, Jane Lynch gets to pick their teams…interesting. I loved her on Julie and Julia, might have to watch Glee afterall. She calls the teams Beauty and Beast. Jessie is the Beauty captain with Bri, Savannah, Jonny, Eddie, Lynn, and Luca. Krissi is the Beast team captain with Bime, James, Bethy, Jordan, Natasha, and Jonny. Interesting that Jane declares Natasha a beast instead of a beauty.       They have to do lunch for everyone and one of the dishes has to be a vegan option. So salmon, chicken and a vegan option. I wonder what they will chose for the vegan meal.      

     Jessie injures her finger and it goes into the mandolin. Jessie is about to pass out. Poor Jessie. Seriously that looked nasty, reminder to everyone please pay attention when using sharp objects, they can really injure you.      

     Eddie is acting as a leader and so is Lynn they are both shining, even though Jessie is out for now the red team in doing great! Jessie gets to go back in action. The salmon is sticking to the grill on the red team, they need to go on the flat top, Lynn and Luca goofed on that one, it looks as though the marinade caused it to stick.      

     Judges think the blue team will win. Here comes the cast and crew of Glee. Matthew Morrison is trying to be very nice to both teams. He seems like such a nice guy. The teams didn’t anticipate that everyone would want chicken, both teams are hoping to cook more and get them out quick. The blue team learn quickly that they had sent out raw fried chicken...eek that’s scary. The judges of course are upset and Krissi is now even madder at Bime. She starts yelling and swearing at him, poor Bime.      

     Red team has next batch of chicken up and ready, the blue team hasn’t recovered. Krissi of course blames Bime for everything. Bime, if you lose just know that Krissi will want to take you out. The votes are in and…Jane Lynch announces that the Red team recived 90 votes and the Blue Team received 37.  Wow, that wasn’t even close, my goodness. We do learn that out of those 37 votes 25 of them were for Bime’s fried chicken, so he was actually a huge asset to the team, does Krissi care, of course not.      

     Blue Team has a pressure test. Krissi is bitter that she is having to go through another pressure test and Jessie gets to miss another pressure test. Natasha has been pretty silent, so that’s a positive. The Pressure Test has a twist, Krissi gets to pick who competes in the challenge and who doesn’t. Jonny and Natasha are let go and safe, James competes, Bime competes, Jordan competes, Bethy competes, Krissi saves herself, everyone calls her hypocritical. James and Jordan call her out on it. Krissi acts as though she her reasons for being there are so much higher than everyone elses. Almost laughable at how hypocritical she is on this. So much for “the captain goes down with the ship,” I guess things change don’t they?      

     Krissi says that she wants Natasha to think that she likes her and wants to keep her enemies closer so she keeps her safe from competing. Now I don’t know much about Natasha, and I think you all realize I am not a huge Natasha fan. However Natasha is not an idiot, Krissi, she knows you don’t like her, and she knows you are just playing a game. You are not fooling anyone.      

     They have to make lemon meringue pie, except with out the lemon. They have to use any other citrus fruit. So its Jordan, Bime, James, and Bethy. If it were me I’d do blood orange maybe mixed with a little kumquat. They have 90 minutes to make the pie. They need to do the crust first so it can relax, then the curd, then the meringue.      

     Jordan is going to do Key Lime. Jordan still calls Krissi out for saving herself, when she gave him such a hard time. While Jordan needs to really focus on the task at hand, it is an extremely valid point. Welcome to the town of hypocrisy, where Krissi is the mayor.      

     Bime is doing lime as well. He is using cream of tartar instead of cornstarch so his curd isn’t thickening. Krissi has the most evil look ever as she is watching Bime suffer. Seriously Krissi I am losing all respect for you. Bethy has a crust that appears to be raw. Jordan’s pie actually looks good. James is first, with a blood orange and lime, his pie crust is raw, nowhere near enough curd, but flavors are actually good, egg whites needed to cook longer. I think he will be safe.      

     Bethy has a lime pie, pie doesn’t even hold its shape, the flavor is good, but the whole consistency is so wrong, spilling everywhere, the pastry is raw. Bethy is definitely in jeopardy.  Jordan, lime and key lime pie- it held together at least, Joe likes the curd, says it is the best so far. Graham likes it. I think both Jordan and James will be completely safe.      

     Bime has a lime pie. Definitely not holding its shape, and Krissi just laughs at him and gloats over his demise. Krissi, shame on you, your behavior was disgraceful, I am embarrassed for you, but you do not seem to have any remorse for gloating and reveling in destroying someone’s dream. Shame on you!  The filling is so runny Gordon serves the pie in martini glasses. Krissi I have zero respect for you and how you handled this situation. Poor sportsmanship.      

     Jordan and James are safe. Bethy and Bime are the bottom 2, boo….I like both.      

     Bime is eliminated. He was a class act in how he handled himself. Even Gordon recognizes he shouldn’t have been in the pressure test. Your daughters would be proud of how you handles yourself. Bime I am proud of you being a fighter to the end, and participating with good sportsmanship.     

     My thoughts on this week…      

     I liked getting to know Lynn more, and seeing more of Eddie. I will definitely root for both of them. Natasha seems to be toning things down a bit which I appreciate. Krissi, I was rooting for you in the beginning, I loved your audition and your son is such a cute kid. Krissi your son is still a cute kid, but I am so disappointed in your vulgarity, lack of class, and poor sportsmanship. That is shameful and you should me mortified at your actions.

     I am as always curious to see what next week entails. We do see that Christine Ha will be visiting, and the contestant will have to prepare something blindfolded, should be interesting. Tune in for next week!

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