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Masterchef Season 4 Week 4 Recap…The drama reaches new heights…

Masterchef Beth Breakdowns
     Here we are, we’re ready for another week of Masterchef, let’s see what drama ensues tonight. The contestants begin by arriving at “iconic Pasadena City Hall,” where they learn they will be cooking for 101 firefighters. They must cook a strip steak and 2 sides for each firefighter. The two team leaders are Bethy and Bime, the winners from last week’s cupcake challenge. Bethy as the winner will get to choose first. Gordon asks Bime what he thinks of some of the contestants. Bime says Beth doesn’t look like she eats, and Krissi looks like she eats. Bime, I don’t know that I’d pick fights with Krissi, probably better to leave some things unsaid.  Just some friendly advice Bime, you can thank me later, oh wait you already put your foot in your mouth. 
     Bethy who gets to choose first, picks Lynn. Why are people picking Lynn first? I am so confused, what are they seeing that I don’t? He gets almost zero air time!  Bime chooses Jordan, next is Jessie, Eddie, James, Luca, Howard, Natasha, Jonny, Bri, Savannah, Beth, then for the final two Bethy gets Krissi, and Bime gets Kathy.         

     Bethy learns of her final advantage as the winner from last week. She can swap one of her players for one of Bime’s she takes Eddie, and trades away Krissi. Bime cringes and Krissi does not seem happy about her trade either. In case you are wondering this trade puts Natasha and Krissi on the same team, let the fun begin!            

     The Red Team (Bime) chooses to make steak with cauliflower puree and mushrooms. Blue Team (Bethy) Potatoes with red peppers, balsamic reduction or chimchurri sauce with steak. Both sound good, should be interesting. Gordon hates that the blue team is deciding between 2 sauces, he only wants “one stunning sauce”. He demands they make a decision.          

     On the red team Beth, Natasha and Krissi can’t get along---I know we are all shocked. Two dominant personalities are going head to head. It looks like several other members of the red team just want to keep their distance from those two.          

     In Bethy’s one on one we learn that Bethy’s dad was a firefighter. I like Bethy, she calls her dad “an American hero.” Bethy is obviously very emotionally invested in making this a great meal for the firefighters. Red team is struggling, blue team is making plating errors, they forgot chimchurri sauce on one plate leaving Joe peeved. Blue team meanwhile is being extremely inconsistent and sending out incomplete plates. Not looking too good for either team really at this point. So far the red team does seems to be the favorite, but the red team is not playing nicely, so I anticipate problems there.          
     The results are in and 68 of the 101 firefighters chose the blue team’s meal. Yay for Bethy’s team, she made her daddy proud. Meanwhile the red team is already turning on each other. Luca on the red team is realist, and says that the team clearly made the wrong decisions. Beth called the cauliflower puree nasty and disgusting and Natasha flips out drops the f bomb and then, Bri is at least level headed (yay for Bri) and tries to diffuse the drama and contention, then Krissi starts swearing and causing more issues and attacks Natasha, Poor Beth is left crying.  Boo for Krissi and Natasha, seriously ladies can you express yourself without using 4 letter words?  Its getting on my nerves ladies.           

     Now the red team has to go to the pressure test, Bime feels the loss is his fault since he was too hands off with his directions. Natasha is peeved, Beth feels that Natasha should be the one to go home, while Krissi doesn’t feel like she deserved to be there again in a pressure test.  Yes boys and girls, Krissi is a sore loser.  Boo Krissi!          

     I applaud Bime for taking full accountability and responsibility for the loss. Two people are going to be safe from the pressure test, Bime is automatically safe, that’s what Joe says, he gets to pick one other person to be safe. Bime calls Jordan the hero of the team, Jordan and Bime are safe. Bime worries that it will be hard to beat Jordan later on, but still feels that Jordan is the fair choice and earned his safety from the pressure test.          

     Graham tells them that they now have to make eggs benedict, there are definitely mixed responses to that dish being the pressure test. Now Natasha wants to take out Beth and is on the war path, Krissi is mad too. Beth is excited she loves egg benedict and she wants more than anything to take Natasha out. All three ladies seem very confident in their abilities on this dish.          

     They contestants only get enough ingredients to make one complete portion, they have zero room for error. As a side note, I don’t like eggs benedict, I hate Canadian bacon. This would not be my favorite challenge to participate in either.          

     Bri has never made eggs benedict, and never has successfully poached an egg. Poor Bri, I always feel as though the vegetarian competitors have the hardest time with some of the recipes. Natasha wants to wait on the Hollandaise and make it last in her dish, she seems to think she has this in the bag. I find her confidence curious, since I don’t really find her to be a strong front runner, but I am glad she thinks she is.          

     Beth seems to be doing well at her station, while Krissi doesn’t seem to have the refinement to make a hollandaise sauce, her sauce broke, she definitely is struggling. Kathy drops her poached egg, a shame because it looked absolutely perfect. Natasha’s dish looks nasty, Beth’s does not look very good either.          

     Kathy gets judged first, she missed the sauce, there was only a tiny amount, but the other elements were good. Next Luca, Graham says the egg is undercooked, poor Luca. I am definitely rooting for Luca!          

     On to Natasha, the plate looks gross, the sauce split, Joe reminds her that she thought she had this nailed. He asks if she knows the difference between hollandaise and mayonnaise cause she made mayonnaise. Joe asks is she if ready to go. Next up, Beth whose plate Gordon says looks bad, Natasha is thrilled to see Beth criticized. Yep the drama continues. Natasha wants to see Beth go home.          

     Bri says this is her first time making it, Graham says it is pretty beautiful, yay Bri! Graham calls it “pretty near perfect”. On to Krissi, Joe says her egg is perfect. Why does Joe try her food more than all the other judges? Is anyone else noticing that?          

     Gordon says that was a very tough test, at least one person will be going home, two dishes stood out, obviously it was Krissi and Bri, both are safe from elimination. Not a clue at this point as to who the bottom two are. The remaining 4 did not even come close to succeeding, they called it way too close to call, Gordon says they can’t decide, all 4 are having a secondary pressure test.          

     They are on the strip in Las Vegas for the 2nd challenge, they are at Burgr by Gordon Ramsay and Planet Hollywood. They are going to have to work his professional kitchen, they will be split into 2 teams of 2 red and blue teams, they each have to make burgers and the guests pick which team wins.          
     Then the losing team will then go head to head to see who will go home in an elimination test. Beth and Natasha are cooking together, Beth is leader of their team (red team), Luca and Kathy are together, Luca leads their team (blue team). Gordon will be the expediter, now that would make me nervous, his restaurant, AND him as the expediter, yep that’s definitely a pressure test.           Luca says he doesn’t want cheese on his burger, but it will have caramelized onions and arugula. Natasha is almost setting Beth up to fail. At this point Natasha is doing absolutely nothing. Beth realizes that Natasha is deferring to her simply to set her up to lose.          

     Customers are now arriving to the restaurant, they need to be ready for service, Blue team still trying to figure out their burger. The Red team decides on a burger with prosciutto, arugula and goat cheese & aioli sauce. The blue team decides a burger with caramelized onions & arugula.           Service begins and Gordon is not waiting for plates, they have to move at his pace. The teams are beyond struggling to keep up. Luca and Kathy almost send out a raw burger and Gordon flips out. More raw burgers made it to the dining room from the red team, burgers are coming back. Joe and Gordon are not amused.          

     The VIPS are about to arrive, we learn the VIPs are all of the other contestants. The contestants in the kitchen had to take off their aprons, so the other contestants have no ideas who cooked what.  The Blue Team speeds the pace way up trying to trip up the girls. Red team has problems with burning the buns, Beth gets yelled at. Now we have the ever suspenseful commercial break. Krissi is apparently besties with Kathy and says they will be for life, yep I forgot to turn off Facebook again, my bad….stupid spoilers!          

     4 of the VIPS didn’t even get burgers from the red team, the contestants vote, and after voting, they learn who was on the red team and who was on the blue, the contestants seem surprised. The blue team barely won, Beth and Natasha hug and are safe…Natasha makes it known that she still doesn’t like Beth.  Actually I don’t know of anyone on the show that Natasha does like, I guess some people just don’t play well in the sandbox.          

     Luca & Kathy have to go head to head on the elimination challenge.  On the top of Caesars Place there is the makeshift Masterchef Kitchen, they are now learning what the elimination challenge will be. They are going to have to cook butter poached lobster, 6 million are consumed in Las Vegas alone every year, they get to try the example, which looks delicious.          

     They have 45 minutes to complete the dish, Kathy says she is a fighter, Luca has proven he is a fighter. This is hard, I actually like both of them. Krissi on Facebook says that Kathy gets eliminated too, Boo...I already know what happens.  Note to self, remember to log out of Facebook next time.          
     Luca is the first to get his lobster cooked with 20 min to go, Kathy hasn’t gotten hers yet, and time is running short. Kathy is having a hard time getting all of the lobster meat out of the shell to butter poach it, it is looking doubtful that she will get everything on the plate in time.          

     Kathy does manage to make a presentation. Kathy is to be judged first, Gordon says it looks like it is cooked perfectly, it is her first time cooking it and did a great job, the plating was not very good though. Graham says her salad is overly acidic and has way too much lemon. Joe says she has one of the biggest hearts they have ever seen in the competition          

     Luca’s turn now, Gordon says presentation wise it looks perfect, Gordon also says that it is 30 seconds away from being a perfect lobster, says the salad is beautiful, Graham says seasoned perfectly, says the color could be better.          

     There doesn’t appear to be a clear cut winner, but the winner of the Elimination Challenge is Luca, Kathy is going home, ...thanks Krissi for spoiling the ending,...GRR!!          

     Joe admits that Kathy proved him wrong that she can make it. Gordon says she is going places, Gordon says to come see him NYC he’d love her to learn the ropes in his kitchen. My thoughts on this week are, 1) what is Lynn doing behind the scenes that everyone wants him on their team? I am so curious, cause we don’t see him much on the show. 2) Who is going to be the next one to be on Natasha’s bad side, she’s always fighting with someone. 3) Are we ever going to see Eddy get some air time? I am rooting for him.  4) I have watched so many shows with Gordon Ramsay, and I think this is the first season where he isn’t the person who swears the most on TV.  Way to keep it classy ladies. *sigh*  It was a good episode and as always I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

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