Friday, May 31, 2013

Thoughts on the Masterchef Season 4 Finalists…

Masterchef Season 4 Finalists
     The finalists have been listed FINALLY for Masterchef Season 4!  I was thrilled to see the list, and I thought I might share a few thoughts with you on each of the finalist.  Kind of a “Ruth’s Take on the Competitors”, so to speak.  It definitely has the makings of a great season.  I have to admit that I am very said to already see Sasha Foxx crossed out….Boo!  I liked Sasha Foxx.  Some of the finalists so far have been slipping under the radar.  Eddie Jackson, for instance.  I saw him in the first week’s episode and was definitely rooting for him.   I barely saw him at all on this week’s episode, to be truthful until the list of finalists came out I was not sure whether or not he had made it.  I am definitely pleased to see that he did, way to go Eddie.  I hope you get more air time though! 

     So let’s go down the list and I will give you my take on each of the competitors, and a little bit more about what I hope to see this season on Masterchef!

The Masterchef Season 4 Finalists:
     Krissi Biasiello – Age: 34, Hometown: Philadelphia, PA – Occupation: Paralegal.  Alright Krissi, the truth is that I liked you from week one, and while I like your larger than life personality (and your cutie pie son) I do not like drama, and I do not like at all that you flipped of the camera during primetime television!  Not cool Krissi, please try to be a classy lady.  I don’t want to see your middle finger when I am watching TV.  Boo Krissi!  You’ve lost some favor in my eyes at the moment, so the jury is out on you. I predict that there will be lots more drama to come with this feisty mother.
     Jonny Blanchard – Age: 28, Hometown: Marlboro, MA – Occupation: Carpenter.  Hmm, Jonny, I am sorry I appear to have been spelling your name wrong, sorry about that, my bad.  Jonny wins the award of the dish so far that I most want to recreate in my own kitchen.  That lobster and caramel popcorn dish is calling my name.  I have been looking for the recipe online, sadly I can’t find it so I might have to wing it.  However Jonny I like you, and I like how you think.  You I will root for!
     Lynn Chyi – Age: 27, Hometown: San Diego, CA – Occupation: IT Systems Administrator.  Kynn, you are a sneaky one.  So far you have been a little under the radar, I don’t know too much about you, the only thing I can say so far is that I think you do a nice job of plating your dishes.  I definitely want to see you get more air time Lynn.  While I don’t have much to say about you, I can say, yay Lynn for not causing drama I appreciate that.
     Natasha Crnjac – Age: 26, Hometown: San Diego, CA – Occupation: Stay-at-Home Mom.  Well Natasha, I have a lot to say about you.  One, yes you are a pretty girl, course I tend to be a nice girl, so I would never call anyone ugly online that isn’t my style.  Anyway,  you are a pretty girl, but seriously look around, there are some very pretty girls in the kitchen with you this season.  While you are a very pretty girl, so are the rest, so lets not act like you are the token beauty queen of the season, you aren’t.  So you do seem very talented, I’ve been impressed by what you have fixed so far, and I am sure that you will do well in food.  What I have been most unimpressed with is your attitude.  I do not like Mean Girls, high school is over honey, grow up and be a classy lady!  I predict lots more drama, and hearing lots more about her looks. *Sigh*
     Bime Cruz – Age: 35, Hometown: Taunton, MA – Occupation: Boxing Coach.  Bime is another one that hasn’t gotten as much air time as I would like.  His mystery box challenge dish looked amazing.  He strikes me as having a good head on his shoulders, I think he will be a natural leader in the team challenges.  He almost reminds me a bit of Scott from season 3, who I thought was amazing.
     Sasha Foxx – Age: 42, Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL – Occupation: Singer. *Sigh*  Oh Sasha, I am sad to see you go, you were a sparkle in that kitchen.  I loved your personality.  I hope that we see you again on TV, you I would have rooted for till the end.
     Malcolm Green – Age: 27, Hometown: Cambridge, MA – Occupation: Unemployed.  Malcom, I can appreciate his dedication and commitment to the show and to his family.  He’s made some errors already so far, but I think he still has a long ways to go in the Masterchef kitchen.  He might be a potential dark horse of the season as well.
     Adriana Guillen – Age: 26, Hometown: New York, NY – Occupation: College Admissions Rep.  Everything so far that Adriana has made is something that I would love to try.  I love how she had embraced her roots with her cooking, I think that is great!  Adriana, I like you!  You I will root for.
     Eddie Jackson – Age: 32, Hometown: Americus, GA – Occupation: Personal Trainer/Former Pro Football Player.  I like Eddie, I think he isn’t getting near the air time that he should.  Seriously Eddie, they didn’t show even one of your dishes in the last episode and I wasn’t even for sure if you made it as a finalist or not till the list came out.  I want to see you on the show more often.  Eddie reminds me of Josh from season 3.  Eddie is one I will root for to the very end, and I predict he will be another natural leader in the team challenges.
     Beth Kirby – Age: 29, Hometown: Chattanooga, TN – Occupation: Writer/Photographer.  Beth, I have to digress on has a very impressive blog.  She is quite the food photographer.  I like her creativity so far, and I am curious to see what else she comes up with. 
     Bri Kozior – Age: 22, Hometown: Doylestown, PA – Occupation: Theatre Assistant.  Bri is this season’s vegetarian.  I like her hipster vibe.  I am not sure that she’ll make it too far in the season, but I do like her.
     Jessie Lysiak – Age: 27, Hometown: Social Circle, GA – Occupation: Yacht Stewardess.  At the risk of sounding dumb, what exactly is a yacht stewardess?  While I may not exactly know what she does for a living, I do like her.  I will definitely root for her.  I predict she will go far in the competition.
     Luca Manfe – Age: 31, Hometown: Astoria, NY – Occupation: Restaurant Manager.  Luca, Luca, Luca, I think all of America is pulling for you.  He is definitely this season’s underdog.  I admire anyone with that much heart and perseverance.  Luca I will root for till the very end.
     James Nelson – Age: 26, Hometown: Victoria, TX – Occupation: Retail Sales.  I am curious to see what dishes he comes up with.  He seems to be a pretty diverse chef so far, so I think he will be an exciting one to watch.  I will root for James as well.
     Kathy Prieto – Age: 29, Hometown: Bronx, NY – Occupation: Office Assistant.  Not too much to say about Kathy yet.  She hasn’t had too much air time so she is on my list of people to watch and learn about.
     Jordan Roots – Age: 29, Hometown: Minneapolis, MN – Occupation: Delivery Driver.   So far I like Jordan.  His elimination challenge dish looked incredible.  I am very curious to see what else he come up with.  I am rooting for him as well.
     Bethy Rossos – Age: 28, Hometown: Estacada, OR – Occupation: High School P.E. Teacher.  Bethy, you really haven’t had too much air time have you?  I don’t know that much about her at all.  I can’t say anything really one way or the other on her.  Hopefully you get more airtime so I can be rooting for you too!
     Howard Simpson – Age: 26, Hometown: San Diego, CA – Occupation: Barback.  Howard as well is an Army Vet (again thank you for your service Howard.)  I was rooting for Howard from the beginning.  I loved the peach cobbler he made for auditions.  What I don’t love is the fact that you seem to be courting drama and feuding.  I do not like that.  Hopefully that changes.  I want to see him in a team challenge, I think he will rise to the top as a leader.  Howard I am still rooting for you, but please no drama sir.
     Savannah Sturgess – Age: 27, Hometown: San Diego, CA – Occupation: Special Ed. Teacher.  Savannah, I think the only time I saw you on the show was when Natasha gave you immunity.  I am curious to see what you can do.  I have the upmost respect for special ed. teachers, so I do have to say I commend you for your career choice.  I think she might be a dark horse of the competition.
     There are some great contestants this season, and I am looking forward to seeing more of all of them.  I want to see how they handle the pressures of the Masterchef kitchen.


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