Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Thoughts on Being an Aunt & Mothers Day…

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     I have many roles in life, but one of my favorite roles by far, is that of being an Aunt.  I like to think I am a fun aunt that my nieces and nephews can look up to.  Twelve years ago this week I became an Aunt for the very first time, when my little nephew was born.  I know I am biased, but I think he is a pretty amazing kid.  Mr. Love From Scratch and I don’t have kids yet, we pray that they come in our future, but we love our nieces and nephews and are always excited to see them.  When my nephew was born, that kid dethroned me from my “Princess” position in the family.  Being the only girl I have to admit I did get spoiled at times, but along came my nephew and apparently “first grandchild” will trump “only daughter” every time.  He’s one of the nicest kids you will ever meet, whenever I have a son, I’d love for him to emulate after my nephew.
     I try to call my nieces and nephews often, but especially on their birthdays.  It is always fun to hear what they got, hear about their parties, the birthday dinner, and of course the cake.  I called my nephew to wish him a happy birthday and as we talked he talked a lot about the different things his parents have been teaching him, and the fun activities he has been sharing with his family.  There wasn’t any mention of x-boxes or whatever the cool toys are now for a 12 year old.  Instead he was telling me all about their garden, his hiking and camping with his dad, and his new baby sister that should be born next month. It made me happy to hear how happy he is with his life and the simple things, he really showed maturity far beyond his years.
     When my brothers started to get to the marriage age, I wasn’t all that happy.  Sure I want them to be happy, but I didn’t want just anybody join my family.  Yes I know that makes me sound like an elitist snob, but seriously, you have to protect your family.  I only wanted the best for my brothers, and I can tell you my brothers definitely found it.  Not only did my brothers marry women who are proving to be excellent wives for them, they are also great friends and sisters to me.  What did not dawn on me years ago was how grateful I would be today that these women are tremendous mothers to my nieces and nephews. 

     Everyone always talks about how much you love your own child, and that you truly learn love when they come.  I am sure that is true, but since I don’t have kids I am making assumptions on that one.  What I can tell you is I never expected to be so enamored with nieces and nephews, or to cherish the role of an Aunt so much. I am so lucky that I have an amazing mother, one that made motherhood her greatest calling in life (and still does).  I can see that same dedication in my sister in laws, and as a daughter I of course want to say Happy Mothers Day, but as an Aunt I definitely want to say a huge thank you and Happy Mothers day to all the women who are raising the nieces and nephews of the world, on behalf of Aunts everywhere I thank you!
     Mr. Love From Scratch and I are going out of town and will be gone for a little bit, so I wanted to make sure that from our home to yours we wish you a Happy Mothers Day!  To you mothers out there, please remember that there are so many of us cheering you on, more than you realize, and we are so grateful for you and all that you are doing!

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