Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Day Has Arrived, Masterchef Time!

Masterchef Season 4
     I have made zero secrets about my love of cooking TV shows, I love to watch them all.  However, the one that every season I get most excited about is Masterchef.  Seriously love that show.  I have watched every season, and each and every episode.  Now in the Love From Scratch home we really don’t watch much television, but we do make time for our favorites.  There are many things that  I like about Masterchef, but I love the fact that none of the contestants are professionals.  They are just dedicated home cooks that are trying to enter the culinary world.  I am so excited that the 2 hour premiere is starting TONIGHT!  Yay!
     I always love the first episode for two reasons, 1) you get to see the epic failures of people who have no business being there, but are incredibly entertaining.  2) You get to learn the “backstory” of the contestants.  I loved last season, where so many of the contestants had overcome so much, and were really quite inspiring.  They moved forward in spite of their obstacles, and proved to be triumph over their challenges.  Those who watched last season know the story of Christine Ha, Josh Marks, Monti Carlo, and others.  Who knows what stories and backgrounds will emerge this time?
     I would love to sometime compete on a show like this, maybe that’s why I love to watch the show so much.  With each mystery box challenge I always think what I would make.  Honestly, I would love to fix my signature dish and serve it to the panel and see what they have to say.  I actually have always respected those three men for their culinary expertise, so I am very curious as to what they would say.  Maybe someday I will get my chance.  This season with Masterchef I will be doing something a little different.  This season each Thursday I will be posting a recap of the week’s episode.  I would love to see more people watch the show, so I figure maybe a recap might help spark some additional interest in the show,
    It is hard to actually find GOOD TV these days, so I always want to recognize shows that I enjoy, or feel that are worth the time invested in watching them.  I am curious to see this season play out, I have watched all the previews, etc., and it looks like it will be a great season, tune in at give it a chance!

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