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Masterchef Season 4, Week 2 Recap. The Claws already come out!

Masterchef Season 4

Well here we are ready to begin week 2 of Masterchef. I have my trusty puppy Chloe and I ready to watch the excitement. I have to tell you again I love this show,  I am hopeful for another great season.  There is something inspiring about watching the contestants fight for their dreams.  First they show the remnants of the auditions, it appears that there are a there few remaining auditions left for the judges to past their judgment on.  Here goes this week’s Masterchef recap!

     First contestant for week 2 is Howard, an Army Veteran (thank you for your service Howard).  He is a young guy who seems very sincere in his endeavor. He made peach cobbler with bourbon and berries. It looked delicious to me, course I am always a sucker for peach cobbler. I also admire anyone who is gutsy enough to make a dessert for their signature dish. Historically that has not served people well in Masterchef. Graham and Joe say yes on the dish, Gordon says no, but he moves on to the next round.

     Next we are treated to a montage of weird dishes from people who do not get aprons. Then we have the last audition of the season. A carpenter named Johnny has his signature popcorn dish to share with the judges. This dish is a compilation of coconut, caramel, popcorn and lobster. This will either be genius or an epic fail Johnny, I hope you know what you are doing my friend. All three judges find the dish delicious, yet Joe worries if he is a one trick pony. He assures he can do more than just lobster crackerjacks so to speak. Johnny gets an apron. I am curious about him, he is one to watch. I wonder what else he will come up with.  At this point I have to admit, I want to try that dish, I am so intrigued.  I will have to put this on my list of recipes to try.  When lobster is on sale next we know what we are trying at the Love From Scratch home.

     On to the competition! Gordon leads everyone to the kitchen, that soon fills up with lamb. They are pretty cute of course, but not quite sure what game Gordon is playing with having lamb there. Please no butchering, I don’t need to see that. Gordon tells the contestants that lamb is one of the most commonly eaten meats. They are then shown every cut and part of lamb imaginable. They also will have access to a fully stocked pantry as well. They will have sixty minutes to “create the lamb dish of their life”. People are running and pushing and throwing elbows, one man down already. These contestants are fierce!

     While the contestants are cooking, the judges mill around checking technique and the progress of each contestant. The judges meet back up in the center and then Joe walks out and begins to dismiss a few contestants. Gabriella made too many technical mistakes, James and Brian (short haired Brian) are sent away with out much explanation.

     The first challenge is over, the contestants are then divided into three groups. Two groups are up front, one on each side. The third group remains at their stations. One of the two front groups will stay and one will leave the Masterchef kitchen. The third group the judges feel they need to actually taste the dishes on before judging.

     First up is Malcom and he made a lamb trio. Gordon eats it and walks off, Graham does the same though says it has good flavor but a little dry. Next is Seymira who right away gets told that her lamb is pretty good though her side with it is bland; Gordon then tells them that only one of them has the skills needed to continue on in Masterchef.  Gordon says that Malcom is moving on to the next round, he says his chops were amazing.

     Next up is Johnny who made a Lamb Rangoon, Graham takes a bite first and says it’s simple but good. Joe takes a bite and walks away saying nothing (Joe has a poker face like none other). Johnny is safe.

     Next is Nancy, she made a lamb chop; Joe takes a bite and he says it’s well constructed though the sauce has too much garlic. Graham takes a bite and says he disagrees with Joe but didn’t like the puree much. Next is Bri, who made a four seasons lamb; she’s a vegetarian. So clearly she is at a disadvantage never having cooked lamb before. Joe takes a bite and comments that her lamb shows a lack of experience. Joe then says that Bri is the one moving on to the next round.

     Next is Luca who made a lamb loin roulade, Gordon takes a bite and tells him that it was a dangerous dish. Joe comes up and takes a bite; he says the lamb is tender and the vegetables cooked well. Beth comes up and made a lavender hay roasted loin, Gordon takes a bite and says there’s a little too much fat. Graham comes up and takes a bite, he wished she cooked the lamb a little less.

     Gordon then says that Beth has made it to the next round, Luca is standing there looking really sad. At this point I am on the verge of tears myself. Let Luca continue on, he has worked so hard. Have a heart Gordon! Gordon then tells Luca that he worked hard and knows that it means a lot to him, he tells him he’s a great cook. Gordon then tells him he made it through and he starts jumping up and down. They will all be in the Master Chef kitchen, Gordon tells them that it’s going to be a hard competition. Yay Luca! I like you! I admire your determination and your focus on your goals.

     We now have the 19 finalists, the Competition is ON!  Next begins the first mystery box challenge. I have to admit, I LOVE the mystery box challenge. Each time I look at the ingredients and decide what I would have made. The ingredients are much more simple this time than usual, one tomato, some bacon, a potato and a hunk of dark chocolate. Very simple, yet difficult ingredients.

     Now we have the interactions between the judges and the contestants as they cook, first up is Natasha, who to her credit hasn’t mentioned this week how pretty she is. I have a feeling that is coming though. She does make it known that she does not thing that any of the contestants have a chance against her and that this is her competition. Her dish that she is making, a tart, does look delicious.

     Joe then speaks with Krissi, comments that she has a definitely big personality. Joe wonders if people will either love or hate her. Krissi is making a frittata, which is a safe dish so it better be a good one to rise to the top.

     Top 3 are announced for the mystery box challenge, Bime, who made a poached egg with potato hash that Gordon calls sublime. Natasha, who wants it known that she is “not just here to look pretty and chop basil”. *sigh* I knew the comments about the looks were coming. I really don’t want to hear about that all season long. I get it you are a very pretty girl who can cook. No one is disputing that, why do we have to hear that over and over again? The last contestant called into the top three was Krissi. Joe says her frittata rivals his mom’s. Which let me tell you, that is a serious compliment. Natasha immediately comments about how anyone can make a frittata. We get it ladies, you don’t like each other.

     So is the editing already setting up a feud between Krissi and Natasha? Are we going to have to pick whether we are Team Krissi or Team Natasha soon? Natasha says that she already has the competition in the bag and is ready to walk up to the podium as the winner.

     The winner of this challenge is Natasha, Way to feed someone’s ego that doesn’t need it, but she did make a dessert that looked amazing, so way to go Natasha. After all she did earn it fair and square, I do not dislike Natasha, I just think we don’t need to hear about how beautiful and pretty she is. Krissi is the runner up.  Natasha gets to go into the pantry and hear her advantage in regards to the elimination challenge.

     She can choose the ingredients that to others use in their dishes. There are three ingredients to pick from langoustine, veal chops, and stilton blue cheese. Let me digress, I love stilton blue cheese. I could have camped out there in the pantry with that cheese and been a very happy girl. She gets to pick what the others cook, she doesn’t have to cook in this challenge. She already states that she wants to send home Krissi, and wants to know what her failure point would be. I am kind of curious as to what caused the conflict between these two ladies. She chooses for everyone to cook langoustine

     She also gets to pick one more person to be safe from elimination for the day. That person will not have to cook in the elimination competition. I can already tell you who it is not going to be yes, Krissi, you are still cooking my friend. She picks Savannah, who is completely surprised. Natasha thinks that Savannah will be easy to take out in the future

     Krissi and Howard can’t get along. Krissi thinks Howard is an epic failure at cooking. Krissi flips off Howard on camera. *sigh* I have never been a big fan of drama and contention. What is the deal here? Krissi gets judged first, Krissi says that Natasha hates her, well at least she realizes it. Cue Natasha for snide remarks up above.

     Jordan does well with a langoustine bisque, way to go Jordan. It did look really good. I would have liked to try that dish. Next up, Howard who had a langoustine and citrus salad. He gets blasted for not doing much with his time. Gordon tells him that it is a joke. Gordon refuses to even try the dish. Joe is peeved. Joe wants to throw him out and calls him a waste of time

     Luca is next and made langoustine pasta, called a one trick pony. Lynn made poached langoustine. Kathy made boiled langoustine. The three did not wow the judges, but I think they all did well enough to be safe to move on to the next round.

     Sasha, she is a saucy lady, I like her! Langoustine and Cheese grits- Gordon does not like it. Joe thinks she didn’t respect the ingredient. I still like her, and I love grits so I would have given it a shot. Next up, Jessie with tempura langoustine, Graham declares it very good, Gordon says it is beautiful and one of the best he’s ever had. For the record I like Jessie, and I think she is every bit as pretty as Natasha, yet never mentions her looks. Plus I love that last week when Gordon wanted to see if she was for real, Jessie proved she was, beautifully filleting the fish.

     Malcom is up next, with a stuffed langoustine tail which Joe spits in out. Gordon says he overstepped a cardinal rule. Not looking good for Malcom. The judges discuss who goes and who stays.

     Two dishes that were deemed outstanding, Jordan was runner up, and the winner was Jessie. Yay! Look Natasha, you were right, pretty girls can cook! The bottom 3 are; Howard, called lazy and underwhelming, so of course Krissi is excited to hear that. Malcom is in the bottom three as is Sasha. Boo! I liked Sasha!

     Gordon worries that Sasha might be a one trick pony. Gordon is still upset about Malcom stuffing the langoustine tails, and Howard is still in trouble for the salad. At this point I am not sure who is going home. Malcom is deemed safe. They see a glimmer more potential in Howard than Sasha. Howard stays and Sasha leaves the kitchen. Gordon asks Sasha who the next Masterchef will be, and Sasha says Krissi is the next Masterchef. I liked Sasha, good bye Saucy Sasha Fox.

    My thoughts on this week, are my goodness.  Drama already?  I do not like drama.  Play nicely kids!  I am not sure who my favorite is, but there are several that I am watching and rooting for.  We have the makings of a great season, be sure to tune in yourselves and then read my weekly recap!

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